Employee Time Clock Software – 4 Money Saving Benefits

A traditional timesheet allows employees to record when they start and end specific tasks. For some employees, this just amounts to starting work in the morning and punching out at the end of the day. For others, this may involve keeping detailed start and end times for various activities, projects, or jobs throughout the day. Whatever your business needs, time and attendance software allows your employees to record this information much more easily, accurately, and objectively. Employee time clock software can help lower the operating costs of your business by making payroll processing more efficient, ensuring attendance compliance, making labor costs more visible so you can lower them if necessary, and helping automate the billing or invoicing of your clients.

Time Clock Software Simplifies PayrollTime and attendance software takes all the punch in and out times that your employees have been recording and generates instant timecard reports based on your payroll rules. Regular hours, overtime, and paid leave time are instantly calculated and totaled for easy input into your payroll software, or sent to your accountant or payroll service. Manual or modified timecard entries should be flagged for easy follow-up and monitoring. Time tracking notes from employees explaining a late or missed punch allow you to quickly adjust timecard entries and print new timecard reports before sending off your payroll. Better yet, export your time clock program data for easy import into your payroll software. Your employee time clock software data should be automatically archived so past payroll reports are always instantly available for any period of time. This means all those hours spent preparing manual timesheets for payroll processing can be reduced to minutes. Timeclock software brings increased efficiency to your business, which saves you money!

Time Clock Software Ensures Attendance ComplianceTime clock software allows you to fully manage time and attendance, even tracking unpaid activities like lunch breaks or unpaid sick leave. Each employee timecard software report should display time spent on unpaid activities completely separate from hours worked. Make it easy to enforce your business rules by knowing how many unpaid days off employees have used. Time clock software makes it easy to track unpaid leave taken under FMLA and mandatory furlough policies. If you are an educational institution looking for a way to track time spent by students in learning or tutoring labs, you can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on mandatory state reporting of compliance with the individualized educational plan for each special education student or adult education hours with time and attendance software. Tracking employee attendance helps you schedule employees more efficiently and ensures compliance with certain legal obligations, which saves you money!

Time Clock Software Manages Labor CostsTime and attendance software uses those same employee timecard payroll punches for labor costing. By including employee gross wages, your timecard software reports can be summarized to provide you with labor hours and dollar costs for any activity, task, job, or department for any period of time. Labor costing reports will quickly show you actual labor hours and costs on a per job basis. You should have easy access to timecard software reports that monitor labor costs for each business activity. Your time clock program reports will accurately track all employee time spent on each job, showing you changes in job labor costs from job to job, or the same job for any time period. Timeclock software gives you the knowledge you need to allocate actual labor hours on a per job basis, and being knowledgeable about the resource usage of your business saves you money!

Time Clock Software Automates Client BillingTime and attendance software should summarize timecard reports by client, job, or department for the accurate billing of labor hours. Run timecard software status reports to make sure you are remaining within project budgets before the project ends. Set your time clock program rounding calculations for billing to the nearest minute, or in tenth or quarter hour increments. Your time tracking labor totals can now be easily entered into your invoicing or accounting software for accurate and timely billing of your labor. Quickly add a time tracking note to your reported client hours to explain job details or project tracking status. The key to tracking labor time accurately is to record new job activities as they happen. Most time clock software is easy to install and configure so it can be affordably deployed on any computer at your business. This ensures real time job tracking is convenient and easy for your employees. Timeclock software helps you accurately bill clients and stay within project budgets, which saves you money!