What’s New In Ftp

FTP is a standard network protocol used to copy a file from one device to another over a TCP network, such as Internet. It was found to be very useful and was used for many yers.
The original specification for the File Transfer Protocol was written by Abhay Bhushan and published as on 16 April 1971 and later replaced by newer specification on October 1985.
Technologies had many changes during these 30 years but File Transfer Protocol are still used almost everywhere. However, there were many changes of using FTP.
Just about 10 years ago you could download any file from your favourite FTP server. Nowadays everyone downloads files through HTTP because it is really easier to browse web pages instead of browsing folders on the server.
So how FTP is used now?
Well, at first, it is used by webmasters. It is very convenient to upload your website using FTP as you can see all your remote files like they are on your hard drive.
Besides FTP could be used to back-up important files, that can be easily done using FTP clients. And, finally, you can share your files on your FTP server and download them when it is neccessary.
These tasks could be done by any modern FTP software, but the problem is that some operations are still could not be done(for example folder synchronization, scheduling, editing/viewing remote files, searching remote files). The using of FTP has changed many times but FTP clients only had minor changes.
And now I want to present you a new FTP client named “UploadFTP” which was created not very long ago and it is oriented only on modern tasks: synchronization, backuping and sharing files, etc.
UploadFTP may be downloaded from the official website: http://www.upload-ftp.com .
It has a very user-friendly interface, so even if you have never used FTP clients it will take you a few minutes to learn how to use it. You won’t see any log windows, etc… Just your local files, your remote files and the list of servers. You can browse as many FTP servers as you want simultaneously.
It is very easy to search files over a server, UploadFTP automatically controls upload/download speed and it allows you to transfer many files at the same time. If you need to download or upload file later you can create a task and UploadFTP will do it when you want.
So, if you want to use FTP for uploading/downloading, browsing, synchronizing, backuping and sharing files, the best choice for you will be UploadFTP.