What Happens to Your Memories When You Die?

What Happens to Your Memories When You Die?

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) November 16, 2009

Everyone has a story to tell. And capturing the story in a way that makes it easily accessible to your descedents is now easier than ever with OnLine-Legacy.Com. OnLine-Legacy.Com is a service to help baby-boomers create and capture the memories and photos that illuminate their lives and then store those memories so that future generations can get to know about you.

“Most of us do not remember days, but we remember certain moments that help define our life,” said Sam Beal, president of OnLine-Legacy.com. “In capturing those moments, we get to enjoy them again. Passing them on to others, helps them understand who we were and what motivated our lives.”

OnLine-Legacy.com walks the user through three easy to use stages.

    Explore public legacy stories and tutorials.
    Create allows the user to choose from eight different categories, including adolescence, adulthood, people & places. Clicking on one of these images takes the user to a template with questions to help spark the thought processes and provides space to write down the resultant memory, link the story to a photo or a video clip. Users can create public or private stories.
    Manage provides a function to view, edit and share your legacy content.
    Preserve legacy stories by purchasing perpetual access on PermaSite.net. For a one-time fee you obtain a permanent read-only archive of your Legacy content. Visitors use access codes provided by you, to view your legacy content without fees or registration requirements. The safe is maintained by the Perpetual PermaSite Trust, an irrevocable California trust designed to perpetuate access for fifty years or longer.

Begin saving your legacy today at http://www.OnLine-Legacy.com.

About OnLine-Legacy.Com

The people at OnLine-Legacy.com are parents, grandparents and children of aging parents. We created this company to capture and preserve our stories until our grandchildren have grandchildren. OnLine-Legacy.com is a privately-held company, based in Mountain View, CA.

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