Most car financing companies are also offering used car finance these days, for those people who cannot afford to buy a swanky new car! For instance, fresh graduates too need a car to commute to and from their first job premise. Although public transport is there, it can be really cumbersome standing in queues at the bus-stop. And it doesn’t give you much flexibility in changing your schedule around if required. In such cases, online car loans are available for purchasing used cars.

Why Would You Need To Buy A Used Car?

You can be fresh out of college, with no savings in your name. Most companies providing car loans UK require that you make a down payment of at least 20% of the car’s total value. This would be extremely difficult to manage for an expensive new car, if you are on your first ever job! That’s when used car finance comes in handy!

Secondly, it might be possible that you have a very low credit rating, due to bad payment habits in the past. This might make it impossible for you to get a large amount of loan, which would be required to buy a brand new car. In such cases, you can get used car financing, as a poor credit car loan, at very competitive rates, although they will be definitely higher than the ones offered to people with good credit rating.

Some Points To Note About Used Car Financing

A very important point about getting used car finance is that a used car loan is generally available at a slightly higher rate of interest than a new car loan. There are several credit unions and local banks willing to provide the necessary funds. But sometimes, you can manage to find better rates from private lenders and other smaller lending institutions. The internet would be a good way to search for cheap online car loans for used car finance.

Second, most car loan companies require the car to be not more than 5 years old as it decreases the resale ability of the car. Besides, paying the 20% as down payment gets you an approval faster, along with lower rates. You can even opt to take a secured loan against some house property or your car title, which would reduce the rates even further, but might delay the approval process slightly, as paperwork would be needed. If selected wisely, used car finance can even get you a better deal on the car, as you will be able to pay upfront with the blank check in your hand.