Tips About Raising Meat Goats

Raising meat goats for profit not only entails some planning beforehand, but you also need to know the nutritional requirements of the goat breeds you have in your farm too. Many novice goat farmers often make the mistake of trying to produce as many litters as possible, without even knowing the possible dire consequences that this practice may incur. Aside from the extremely high mortality rate of kids due to excessive breeding, diseases and other ailments may affect the adult goats of the herd as well. This might also lead to an escalating amount of expenses especially in terms of additional goat feeds, medicines and vet bills.
In order to avoid this pitfall, here are a couple of things you ought to know when it comes to raising meat goats for profit.
1. Always plan the kidding or birthing period. Goats gestate for 5 months after being successfully mated, which will give you an ample time to prepare everything to ensure that the mother goats remain in peak health. Flushing or the practice of feeding potential does an especially rich diet about one month prior to the actual mating, is one such way you can use that will yield a higher number of kids. However, it is also necessary that you de-worm and vaccinate the does so that the animals can carry their pregnancies at full term.
2. Another method you can use when it comes to raising meat goats for profit, is trying to make the mother goats raise two litters within the mating period. This would mean mating the animals early on, and weaning the first litter as soon as possible. This encourages the does to come in heat again. But it is important to remember that the 2nd litters usually yield fewer kids.
3. It is also important to remember that when it comes to raising meat goats for profit, the health of the baby goats must be above reproach. Sick or ailing kids are usually put down or kept as pets — which can set you back a bit, profit wise. In order to make sure that the new litters will be healthy, try to ascertain that the mother goats are in good health too, that they have separate pens from the other members of the goat herd, and that the expecting does are suitably ensconced in a clean, and well-padded birthing shelter when their time comes. Encouraging the kids to suckle immediately also helps ensure that the newborns acquire the necessary antibodies from their mother’s milk.