The Secrets to Selecting the Perfect Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Maybe you have gotten a promotion out of your cubicle job and into a position worthy of actual office space. Perhaps your company is moving into a new building and wants to pick out décor to match the new digs. Or it’s even possible that you need to transform your domestic workspace into a true home office.

All of these scenarios have one thing in common: they may require that you obtain new office furniture.

You can’t just throw darts at a furnishings catalog if you want to outfit your office properly. Picking out the perfect office furniture for your needs entails a certain degree of forethought, planning, and problem solving. So here are a few secrets to selecting the office furniture that will help you maintain style as well as productivity.

Start with the Ideal Office Chair

You’ll be spending the vast majority of your time in the office sitting in it. So it had better be comfortable and versatile as well as fashionable. The last thing you need is to choose an inferior office chair that hurts your posture or distracts you from your day-to-day responsibilities.

The Office Star VeraFlex Deluxe Chair is available in five color schemes and has a breathable back as well as two-way adjustable arms. The design of the distinctive Boss Leather Ergonomic Executive Office Chair promotes lower back comfort with its built-in lumbar support. And the Manhattan High-back White Office Chair combines sturdiness and durability with modern design for a trendy, futuristic look.

If Clothes Make the Man, Then the Desk Makes the Office

Your office desk will be the centerpiece of your entire workspace. Obviously, it needs to be fully functional, well organized, and appropriately sized and shaped to serve your unique needs. But your desk should ideally be an extension of your attitude, personal style, and business approach.

For instance, if you want to convey contemporary elegance and an “all business” mindset, the Brown Cherry Executive Desk fits the bill perfectly with its durable materials and the hand-selected premium veneers.

The mahogany-laminate Boss Bow-front Workstation with Pedestals gives you thousands of square inches of surface space on three sides so you can spread out your workload effectively.

And the Deluxe Glass-top Computer Desk with File Drawer combines a chic, modern look with superb functionality; with ample compartments for your CPU, keyboard, files, and other materials.

More Storage = Lower Stress Levels

Arguably the most overlooked piece of an office is the file cabinet. You don’t want to have to sift through desk drawers or bookcase shelves to find important files or information. And the overall look of your office décor will not be enhanced by an army surplus metal file cabinet.

So for minor storage needs, consider the sturdy Orispace Temper Glass and Metal Storage Cabinet, which has three drawers, onyx black tempered glass, and a high-gauge steel frame.

If you need more storage space, check out the ultramodern Five-drawer Storage Cabinet in coffee bean or beech colored wood. For vertical files, the two-drawer Vertical Cherry Filing Cabinet is constructed of high-quality, beautiful wood and features a locking top drawer.

Don’t Forget Your Guests

You’ll probably have to entertain co-workers, clients, and even superiors in your office from time to time. So you cannot skimp on the furniture that you won’t actually be using yourself. Comfortable guest chairs will make your office both more inviting and functional.

The Office Star Black Fabric with Cherry Wood Guest Chair is a popular choice because of its comfort, resilience, and versatility. For a dash of flair, the Boss Button Tufted Vinyl Guest Chair combines a mahogany wood finish with an oxblood burgundy caressoft seat and antique brass head nail trims.

But if you want the ultimate in sophistication and style, go with the Traditional Executive Burgundy Leather Guest Chair, which is appointed with classic button tufts and genuine Italian leather.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Basics

The functionality of your office can be greatly enhanced with a properly-placed piece of furniture. A storage unit which can double as a workstation can enhance the ergonomics of your workspace. And adding some mobility to your furnishings can improve the adaptability and productivity of your office and everyone who works in it.

As an example, the Large Storage Workstation can function either as a four-door storage unit with a hinged front panel or a secretary’s desk with computer and file compartments.

In addition, the Sparkle Top Black Computer Cart holds a CPU, monitor, keyboard, printer, phone, and CDs; but has wheels so it can be moved around your office as needed.

For even more mobility, the wheeled, fully-adjustable Windsor Laptop Stand (available in dark cherry or regency walnut finish) can be shuttled from place to place in just a few seconds.

There’s no reason that your office should look exactly like those of your colleagues. Express your style and individuality by equipping it with office furniture that creates an ideal balance between aesthetics and productivity!