Stop the Excuses: Eat Breakfast!

Mother knew best when she constantly nagged you about eating breakfast before school.  You might not have noticed, but if you didn’t eat breakfast as a kid you would have trouble concentrating in class, and be irritable and tired the whole day.  It is very easy to skip breakfast with our fast paced lifestyles today but a healthy breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for a hectic day.  If your idea of breakfast is grabbing a fountain soda from the local convenience store then you should read on. 


Research has proven that children do better in school if they start the day with a healthy breakfast and the same is true for adults in the workplace.  A breakfast of champions includes complex carbohydrates (cereal, oatmeal), protein (hard boiled egg, cottage cheese, lox), and a small amount of fat (butter, nuts).  If breakfast makes your stomach churn, try eating two small snacks about 1-2 hours apart. Avoid sugary cereal, donuts, syrups and white breads because they’re digested quickly and will leave you feeling hungry before lunch time.  On the other hand, protein and fiber satisfy hunger and keep you feeling full.


According to a marketing research group, the most popular breakfast is cereal followed by coffee then fruit juice.  Most people would rather sleep than prepare breakfast so they don’t even have time for cereal, anymore.  So, cereal companies have been marketing to meal skippers and “to go” eaters with cereal bars.  The time it takes to get kids ready for school in the morning is another common excuse for foregoing breakfast.  An easy solution would be to prepare meals the night before and reevaluate your morning routine. 


Most people skip breakfast to lose weight but that is actually counter productive.  Skipping breakfast increases the chances of a heart attack as well as obesity and diabetes.  

Also, eating at the beginning of the day stabilizes blood sugar levels, which regulates appetite and energy.  It also helps you maintain a healthy weight.  So, go ahead and have breakfast!  Your body will thank you in the long run.