When you are buying car through a loan, you must ensure that the loan is never a repayment burden on your income and overall finances so that you enjoy a burden less car driving.Secured car finance is considered as a sure shot way of taking a loan at low rate of interest and that goes a long way in saving money as well. Secured car finance can be availed for buying a new or used car of any make and model. Even bad credit borrowers are at ease in taking secured car finance.

Secured car finance is given against the borrower’s home or any valued property pledge as collateral. Even the very car you are buying can be put as collateral. The lender will take the car deal paper in possession and will return after you have paid the loan back fully. Till that time you can of course enjoy driving your car.

The advantage of secured car finance is its lower interest rate. If your credit history is excellent or good the rate can be reduced. Lower interest rate reduces your monthly payment for the loan installments substantially so that you are at complete ease in repaying the loan in time. Another advantage of secured car finance is that you can borrow greater amount for buying a new car. The loan amount depends on value of property put as collateral. However you would not be approved a loan that is more than the market value of the car you are buying. Also note that secured car finance is a short term loan. You are supposed to return it in 5 to7 years as lenders would not like to take risk. The car may loose its value in longer duration.

Do not worry if you have late payments, payment defaults, arrears or county court judgments. Despite a blemish credit history a lender will approve secured car finance as you have cut lender’s risks by offering your property as collateral. Make sure to compare lenders so that you avail secured car finance at competitive rate. Search internet well for a suitable lender and clear the loan installments regularly for improving credit history.