SafeDinar.com Launches Currency Exchange Rate Notification Service

SafeDinar.com has released an upgrade to their exchange rate notification service.  Anyone can sign up for customized notifications for any or all of the currencies that can be exchanged at SafeDinar.com.

SafeDinar.com was able to expand the currency selection for customers looking to buy and sell foreign currency.  In an effort to enhance their exchange rate notification service, which was originally designed for the Iraqi Dinar, the company has designed a brand new email notification service.  Simply put, anyone can go to SafeDinar.com, choose the currency and rate they wish to receive a notification about and then set their own custom parameters. There is no limit to the number of rate notifications that a person can sign up for.  If there is a change to a selected rate, an email notification is automatically sent. SafeDinar.com does not require that a person to be a customer to receive the notifications – anyone is welcome to sign up!

The new notification service was introduced as a part of the Currency Dashboard addition made to SafeDinar.com. The Currency Dashboards offer information about each country, the currency, exchange rates, important travel tips, and much more.

SafeDinar.com is operated by Dartmouth Capital, LLC, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dartmouth Capital, LLC is registered with the United States Treasury as a money services business.  For eleven years, the company has provided currency exchange services through their website www.safedinar.com. The company is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and has earned an “A+” rating. Dartmouth Capital, LLC does not offer investment advice.

If you would like more information about this topic, you can contact a representative of www.safedinar.com at 1.877.723.3391, or e-mail info@safedinar.com.

SOURCE SafeDinar.com