Restore Formatted Laptop Hard Drive

Have you formatted your laptop drive without making any backup of your valuable files? Don’t panic about the lost files. You can still restore data from formatted hard disk drive by using a recover data from laptop tool.

Follow the steps after format:

Stop using the laptop disk drive immediately after formatting. 
Do not save any data or files on the hard drive from which you have formatted. 
Don’t install any software to the partitions or drive from where you have lost the data. This might overwrite your lost data by new data.

How to select good laptop formatted drive recovery software?

Search for laptop drive recovery software in the internet and read articles and blogs about the software.

Before finalizing a product check whether the utility can restore files from damaged partitions, re-partitioned and re-formatted laptop hard disk drive. It is good to select a application that is capable of recovering files from different file formats and various data loss circumstances. Verify whether the software allows you to preview the restored data before saving. Preview function makes deleted files recovery easier. To ensure the application is reliable, always download the trial version of the software and evaluate the ability of the software in recovering lost files before buying it. Follow the steps given below to restore deleted files from formatted laptop disk drive.

Connect the formatted laptop drive to a well functioning computer as a secondary hard drive

Install laptop formatted hard drive recovery software to the functioning system. 
Run the application to restore deleted files from laptop. 
Follow the instructions and according to that retrieve files from formatted laptop hard dive.