Progressive Glasses and Its Benefits

Ever since the progressive glasses were introduced, it has always gained its popularity among the set age groups ofprogressive eyeglasses users. Though there were issues with its design and adaptation in the initial phase, with research and development, these glasses has crossed the hurdles and is now one of the preferred lenses among eyeglasses users. The reason behind progressive eyeglasses success is because of its design and appearance. Here are some elaborated points on its benefits.

Progressive eyeglasses design:

Unlike other lenses, which offers mono vision correction or bi-focal correction (Distance and Reading), progressive glasses are designed to offer three different vision zones. They are categorized as near, intermediate and far vision. Thus these lenses are not restricted to specific zones like other lenses which make the person’s vision smooth. These different vision zones are embedded on the lenses and the design may vary according to the manufacturer.

Comfort level of progressive eyeglasses:

As compared to bifocal lenses, these glasses are much more comfortable. With lined bifocal glasses the images tend to jump (sudden change of magnification) when you move your vision from distance to reading, which may be inconvenient. With progressive glasses the vision is much smoother and provides more natural correction of presbyopia.

Cosmetic benefits of progressive eyeglasses:

Progressive lenses are much more cosmetically appealing as compared to bifocal eyeglasses. Bifocal eyeglasses have an uncomfortable dividing line separating the distance and reading zone, thus the onlookers can easily identify that your glasses are multi-focal. With progressive lenses the lines do not exist on the lenses and the glasses appears as a single vision glasses.