Php is an Open Source Server Side Programming Language

PHP stands for PHP: Hyper Type Preprocessor. PHP is a very famous open source server side language. If has gained high popularity in few year. Besides no strong backing from big corporate, PHP has proved that it can deliver serious programming concepts and thereby can big web application can be build on PHP. These days PHP is getting string support from many big companies who believe the open source is the better way to deliver software knowledge. Companies like Sun Microsystems, IBM, Red Hat, etc has developed full working programming environment based on PHP on their operating systems.

PHP has been designed to make is a very fast and quick deployment web programming language. Other competitors of PHP are JSP, ASP, Cold fusion, etc. They all have big support from companies like Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.

PHP has been design using the design structure of C++ and JAVA. If someone is familiar with any of these programming he or she can learn PHP in very short time. There are many companies, government houses that are using PHP exclusively. Few companies that are using PHP extensively are NASA, US Military, Lufthansa, YAHOO, etc. Such big name proves that PHP code has strong capabilities and can deliver extraordinary products. PHP gives it best performance when it is combined with Linux, Apache and MySQL.