Paper Filing Horrors: How Never To Lose Documents Ever Again

Document Management

• Do you or other employees in your office waste at least 3 hours a week searching for documents in a regular alphabet-based filing system?

• Is your file cabinet as cluttered as a gypsy’s handbag?

• Does document management mean ‘now here, now gone forever’?

There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those who never lose their documents and those who can never find theirs. If you belong to the second category then either you’re too careless about filing your documents, or you’re still using the traditional document management filing system.

Ironically, the more computers, emails, copiers and fax machines we use, the more there is need for paper storage of information! This is simply because soft storage of data is way too vulnerable to mishaps like computer virus attacks, hard disc failures etc as compared to paper storage. Experts assert that paper filing will continue to account for 95 per cent of the world’s data storage solutions well into the future.

Traditional storage technique versus latest indexing system

Thousands of international government agencies, big business houses, non-profit organizations, professionals and individuals have switched to using the indexing system via their computers to manage an efficient paper filing system for their documents.

The indexing methods has been tested both in the lab and in real time situations for over three years for document management. It is now being used across the world with a single search leading you to the right document in five seconds flat – no matter how big your file cabinet! The indexing paper filing software is extremely user friendly and an average person can get the hang of it in barely an hour.

If you buy an internationally-renowned indexing paper filing system, it will come with a multimedia module that quickly helps you grasp how the entire system works and how to operate it with efficiency.

The indexing document management application is completely different from other programs because it does not require any scanning and you keep your paper documents – in original – organized efficiently.

For greater time-saving, a good indexing-based document management application comes with pre-printed tabs or labels. In case you don’t go for a shipped version, but download the software, you will need to print these tabs though.

You can purchase both a single-user and network version of an indexing-based paper filing software. Particularly in offices where you need to share files and information, the network version adds to the productivity. It helps cut out duplicate files, allows each employee to use keywords of their individual liking to mark files and offers fast retrieval of any document. For greater security, the software is licensed separately for each computer you want to use in a network.

Office life will never be the same again once you and your colleagues start using the indexing-based paper filing system. If you haven’t switched to the latest professional filing system, you’re surely missing out on a great time management system and are still at the mercy of your office’s paper jungle.