Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera – King Of All Cameras

With advanced tourism facilities, there is increased inflow of foreign nationals into the countries all over the world. This no doubt is a good sign for every country as it boosts their economy. But unfortunately, this is being adversely used by criminals, who find it easy to enter into a country, carry out their crimes and slip out from the country. And they normally target big shopping malls where there is unusual crowd of shoppers, especially foreign nationals. And any untoward incident met by a foreign tourist becomes a grave issue for all.

For this, many safety measures are being adopted in various sectors and one among them is the setting up of security cameras. Earlier the CCTVs were widely used. But since they were in a fixed position and their coverage area were limited and they had too little flexibility other options were sought for.

And then were introduced the tilting cameras that could change its angle to cover a wide area and capture images from different angels.

BL-C230A Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera is one among them and contains all the features that one would ask for, to make the entire environment safe and secure and bring under the sharp surveillance of the security in charge. Now, with a single camera one can have a surveillance of a much bigger area than any other traditional cameras. Another superb feature of BL-C230A is its connectivity to the Television. You can easily view the videos and snapshots captured in the camera through your TV and operate it easily, using the remote control of the TV itself. It is simple as that.

Normally, in the night time, when the shop or office is closed it becomes unnecessary for the camera to continue capturing images.

But, at the same time it is not wise to switch it off, as it won’t serve the purpose for what it is installed. So what would be the solution? The solution was found through the Sound and Motion Detection option. With this the camera would remain inactive all the while, when everything is calm and peaceful. Once there is even the mildest movement or sound, the camera would become alert through its programmed sensory. It would become active and capture the pictures in the direction of the sound or movement. This would help to track down the culprit, even if he enters into, without the slightest sound.

There is yet another factor that, even if it is captured, it needs to be put into immediate action, so that the culprit doesn’t escape. How can this be possible? For this the IP technology comes into handy. The pre-programmed feature allows the same to be uploaded on a specified FTP server. Or more so, even send images immediately to your Email Id. This helps in immediate detection and action, for prevention of any untoward incidents.

So now, with a BL-C230A camera installed in your business establishment, you can be rest assured and tension free. There is a constant vigil on every action that takes place inside the premises, even if there is an immeasurable amount of shoppers, whether you are present there or absent.