New Recruitment Site Allows Employers to Hire and Fire in the Cloud

(PRWEB) July 03, 2012

A recent report highlighted that up to 35% of companies are now considering cloud computing when making the decision to outsource. Many organizations are also making the shift to outsourcing in low wage countries where its possible to hire staff for as little $ 3 an hour.

As Dr Rob Rawson, CEO and co-founder of Staff.com explains, cloud computing means businesses can use staff in low-wage countries for accounting, customer relations and back-office services.

Dr Rawson recently launched Staff.com, a recruitment website that takes a new approach in connecting local companies with global talent. Dubbed as a smarter, faster, better way to hire, it allows bosses to to track low-wage workers minute by minute using time tracking software – all in the cloud.

Anyone can post a job for free and then interview suitable candidates using online tools before hiring them. Once an employer hires someone (either on a trial or a short term contract), they can monitor everything they are doing on their computer, including the software they use, the amount of time they spend on Facebook, and how long they spend on breaks each day.

There is complete transparency and every minute of time is monitored and logged in the cloud along with screenshots from each employee. Staff can also see when they are being monitored and the software only tracks computer usage for time which is logged during work hours.

As Dr Rawson notes, the ability to monitor remote staff using ethical monitoring software that only tracks time at work, means that staff hired via staff.com are more accountable than if they were sitting in the same room as you.

In the global marketplace businesses cant escape the round-the-clock demand for real time support and interaction, which is why outsourcing is no brainer… especially when you consider that its now possible to hire staff in the Philippines for as little as $ 3 to $ 4 an hour.

In one of the most comprehensive reports in outsourcing in Australia, nearly all participants agreed that “outsourcing general results in improved efficiency, improved service and lower costs. Additional benefits came “not from merely transferring business processes, but from transforming them” as old businesses processes are moved from internal system to the cloud.

According to finance.gov.au, Australians spent more than 7 billion dollars on outsourcing in 2010, with the amount spent on ICT outsourcing is increasing every year. Globally, outsourcing is a multi-billion dollar industry ($ 370 billion in 2010).

For more information, please contact John McCann + 61 407 260 995 or email john(at)staff(dot)com

Dr Rob Rawson is available for comment.

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The multi-process Procurement Outsourcing (PO) market will grow about 15 percent and reach US$ 1.8 billion in annual contract value (ACV) in 2012, representing managed spend of about US$ 220 billion, according to a new research report, Procurement Outsourcing Annual Report 2012 The PO Market: Steadily Marching Forward, published by Everest Group, a global consulting and research firm.



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Staff.com is a faster, smarter, better way to hire. It aims to contact great companies with with global talent and is the first cloud based employment platform that manages the entire HR process – from interviewing to hiring, payment and time tracking. Anyone can post a job and / or look for work on Staff.com.