Never touch your screen with these hands-free smart glasses

The HiiDii smart glasses say they allow users to multi-task across devices without ever touching a screen.

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Just look at us animals tapping away at our keyboards and moving that antiquated mouse. We’re even poking away desperately at our touchscreen displays like common 20th-century paupers. Using touch and feel for computing input is so old-fashioned and we need a kick in the rear to push us into the future. Hands-free should be the future and these hands-free smart glasses from GWDBI want to bring you there.

The HiiDii smart glasses say they allow users to multi-task across devices without ever touching a screen. Every app, document and chat service can be opened just with a glance. The company says this navigation method will alleviate stress and distraction from constant device switching.

The HiiDii smart glasses are truly one-of-a-kind, and they have the potential to revolutionize every area of a user’s life. At work preparing for a meeting? No need to break out multiple screens while you design your presentation. Trying out a recipe you found online? Never again will you need to dirty your screen to scroll through the ingredient list. Reading while you pet the dog or rock the baby to sleep? No more worrying that a sudden movement will disturb them. You can even answer calls without reaching for your phone.

A combination of blink-detection and gyroscope technologies enables users to control devices just with eye and head movements. Thanks to the 10-hour battery life and 30-foot Bluetooth range, the glasses will transition with you throughout your day, allowing you to move seamlessly from task to task. HiiDii glasses work with Windows, Mac OS and Android, and they only require a one-hour charge.

The HiiDii glasses are available with anti-blue and prescription lenses, as well as a sunglass lens to accommodate any user at any time. No matter where you are or what the time of day, you don’t have to struggle with device overwhelm anymore. You also don’t have to worry about comfort. Thanks to the HiiDii’s adjustable ear hooks and ergonomic nose pads, users can find a perfect fit. The frames come in black or white.


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The HiiDii glasses are now available through the Kickstarter pre-sale, and they will ship in March 2020. Backers can purchase frame-only glasses for $80 and frames with lenses for $100 during the Kickstarter campaign, a savings of 60% off MSRP. After the campaign ends, frames will retail for $189 and frames with lenses will be $259.

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