Muscoot Farm in Somers, New York – Fun For the Whole Family

This quaint family-oriented establishment used to be a real farm, but ever since it was bought by Westchester County in 1968, its purpose has been “to preserve and interpret for the public benefit the agricultural, cultural and natural heritage of a Westchester County Farm, circa 1880-1930.”


The main thing that attracts people to this place is the variety of animals. There are chickens and chicks (many varieties), turkeys, horses, ponies, ducks, sheep, goats and pigs. Petting of the animals is not recommended by the establishment due to the safety of the visitor.


In addition to the animals, there are a few other things to do. There are many different buildings containing various replicas of tools used by the farmers in the early 1900’s. Each building is aimed to teach the visitor about a different aspect of farming.

General Information

There are also a couple of hiking trails (about 1.5 miles in total). One leads to a picturesque lake while the other leads to a gazebo at the top of a hill. Both destinations are a great place to go to get away from all of the noisy animals. This is a fun place to go for a day out and it is also very cheap (since there is no entrance fee), but the entertainment here is more enjoyable for younger visitors. This makes it a great day out for a family with little ones, but even though it is not one of the most exciting places, it can be enjoyable for teenagers and adults as well.

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