Msnbc: A Breakthrough Achievement In News Services

After firmly laying its foundation in the Unites States as a cable news channel, MSNBC moved on to make its services available in the UK, Canada and Middle East. The name MSNBC has been derived from a unique blend of co-owners: Microsoft and NBC (National Broadcasting Company). With such great enterprises involved, MSNBC live streaming is bound to be successful.
However, live streaming is also provided by a sister concern of the company, apart from entertainment portals on the web. This news website launched by the company focuses on original stories and video, which is shared from NBC News and partners.
Although MSNBC which is renowned for MSNBC live is a joint venture founded in 1996, a few years back, NBC Universal purchased majority of its stake leaving Microsoft with just 18%. However, both the organizations still own the sister concern jointly. The logo of MSNBC is the same as the rainbow peacock of NBC logo. It seems that the logo is universal for all the sister concerns of NBC including CNBC and ShopNBC.
The success of MSNBC live streaming is also attributed to the fact that the channel is accessed by approximately 78 million US families according to a 2008-2009 survey. Most people view this channel for its unique perspective towards global news and handling of current events. Viewers also feel that the network is more politically liberal in comparison to other channels.
Established by Tim Rogers, and NBC executive, the initial strategic alliance between Microsoft and NBC was highly profitable. However, the channel, with its prime focus on providing MSNBC live shows, really flourished during the time period between mid-2007 and mid-2008. Over that time, the ratings of Primetime viewing increased by 61%.
Among the contributors mainly responsible for this amazing growth is Tim Russert. However, his unexpected death in June 2008 plunged the channel into a transition period. However, MSNBC live streaming on the various online entertainment portals has greatly countered the effect of his loss.
In the same year, the Presidential elections acted as a boost for the network and it got enthusiastically involved in broadcasting the presidential elections with renewed zeal. MSNBC presented live coverage of the presidential campaign, which was anchored by Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and David Gregory. The channels ratings during these elections doubled from the 2004 Presidential election. Additionally, MSNBC also emerged at the top with regards to ratings. Earlier, this position was occupied by CNN. This was the first time that the network beat CNN.
With such accomplishments, MSNBC has not stopped; it is still marching ahead with new campaigns and ideas to bring the world closer. MSNBC and its live coverage on both television and the internet is really a class apart. That is the main reason behind the networks immense popularity among news lovers.