Meet the new Alcatel 1V and 3X smartphones

The all new Alcatel 3X has a triple-camera system on the rear, basically what many other makers are doing these days.

If you didn’t know, the Alcatel brand of phones is actually owned by TCL and the company is refreshing two of its smartphones at IFA 2019. The first one is the Alcatel 1V which is a nicely priced entry-level smartphone that includes a dedicated Google Assistant button, for those of you who can’t live without your AI helper. The second is the Alcatel 3X, a smartphone equipped with a triple rear camera.

Alcatel 1V

With the Octa-core processor, Alcatel 1V works efficiently to perform complex tasks, bringing a faster and smoother user experience. In addition, the Android Pie (Go Edition) operating system provides the entry-level Alcatel 1V with an impressive array of Google features, including Google Assistant, Google Go, and Gboard, while also allowing twice the storage with smaller app sizes. The company claims that the Alcatel 1V can “work more efficiently and perform more complex tasks, bringing faster and smoother user experience.”

Alcatel 1V 3X smartphones

Alcatel 1V (2019) will be available at prices starting from €79 and comes in sleek metallic finishes including Anthracite Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Rose.

Alcatel 1V 3X smartphones
Alcatel 1V specifications

Alcatel 3X

While the Alcatel 1V is the entry-level of these two smartphones, the Alcatel 3X is a bit better than entry-level. With a 6.5″ HD+ “Full View” display the 3X is surely going to supply a bit more viewing pleasure than the Alcatel 1V.

The smartphone also features 16MP + 8MP + 5MP triple rear camera equipped with “smart scene detection” that identifies different photo scenarios and automatically optimizes photography setting for perfect shooting. Alcatel 3X’s photo capabilities are further demonstrated through a super wide-angle lens, which spans 102 degrees, and its real-time bokeh, providing users the ability to take artistic photos.

Alcatel 1V 3X smartphones

The night capture mode brings clear, bright, and detailed night videos and images in darker environments. The 8MP front camera and front LED flash will allow users to take better and brighter selfies anywhere. The Alcatel 3X is equipped with Octa-core processor, delivering smooth and powerful processing. It also offers the Google Assistant Button that with a single press, is ready to help launch apps, search for information, control smart home devices, set reminders, send text messages, and tons of other actions.

In addition, the Google Lens function lets the user learn more about the world through what they see, whether it’s finding products online, learn more about landmarks, or identifying plants and animals with a touch of a button.

Alcatel 3X specifications

The Alcatel 3X will be available in three jewel-toned colors: Jewelry Black, Jewelry Green, and Jewelry Rose at prices starting from €149.