Jobs in Networking: Develop Your Career in IT Software Area

If you are dreaming for a career in IT industry, there are several options to consider. Moreover, there is no dearth of jobs in IT software, jobs in IT hardware,  jobs in networking, jobs in …  actually there are plenty of jobs in each area  related to IT industry. After the recent meltdown, IT market has once again started showing great signs of revival. Networking is a great area in the IT industry. It would be a great idea to get more information about Networking.

What is networking?

Computer networking is all about sharing of information across different areas around the globe. In ensures seamless movement and sharing of information through different channels. Networking has broadened the horizons for all other industries; consumer electronics, biomedicine, industrial automation, supercomputing and defense.

Networking has made it possible for enterprise to expand their work floor by having office even in remote corners of the world.

What does networking involves

Since networking is fast growing area, you can look forward to many options for jobs in networking field.  The computer networking management is completely technical job and you can expect to get a job in a bank, credit card company or telecom company etc.

What are requirements?

Since computer hardware knowledge makes the base for computer networking,  you should have taken a course to familiarize you with things like  operating systems, computer architecture, microprocessors, peripheral devices, installing various software, configuring PCs, assembly and disassembly, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

In addition, it is a plus if you take up relevant certification in networking  to get thorough understanding and expertise in high demand areas like LAN And WAN. Some highly popular certification is Microsoft’s MCSE or Novel’s CNE, Cisco’s CCNA or CCNP or CCIE, or Sun Microsystems’ Sun Solaris Administrator.

Kinds of jobs in Networking

As a networking professional, you can look forward to variety of job positions such as Network Administration, Network Technicians, Service Technicians, Network Managers, Network Programmers and Analysts

Network administrator

The job of Network administrators, is very important as it involves configuring and managing LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Network) and VPN (Virtual Private networks). As a network administrator, you will be responsible for analyzing, installing and configuring the company’s network.  You might be working from a remote location. Your other duties include Monitoring network performance, troubleshooting problems and maintaining network security.

Network technicians

This position revolves around setting up, troubleshooting and repairing of a particular system, software or hardware.

Network programmers and Analysts

They write software programs to evaluate third party products using latest software technologies and integrate them into the new network environment.

 Network Managers

Network managers manage and supervise the work performed by engineers, technicians, administrators and programmers. They are also part of the planning and strategy team of the enterprise.

High demand networking professionals

There is a constant increase in the computer and peripheral market in India. In addition, internet users are also increasing with each passing day. Considering the tremendous growth in the area, there is a great demand of people with networking expertise.

There are several good job portals which are offering good opportunities for Jobs in IT software, jobs in IT Hardware and in other IT sectors.  You can search online to know about various opening available.