How to sync FTP

FTP is the acronym of File Transfer Protocol and is a protocol that is used to transfer digital files from one point to another. This is mainly used to share files between a client’s computer and a server. This is made possible through Transmission control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The process of ftp sync can be made automatic by making use of various tools. Most of these tools come for a price but there are many that come on a trial basis.

Synchron EX

Synchron EX works with various local paths or directory names, UNC, FTP, SSH2, DAV and even HTTP. This tool can be used to back up data to various local or network paths. The program has a setup wizard with which a user can automate the process of backing up files. The tool also has the facility for finding and searching standard files and also directories that are empty.

These features also allow the searching of files that have a common name. The Python programming language has been imparted into this program along with a Batch interface. The tool also features Graphical User Interface which enables working with images and text rather than codes alone.

Batch Sync Secure FTPS/SFTP

This is a tool that enables the backing up of a remote server and also syncing files with it using ftp sync technology. This program enforces the security of the transferred data by transferring the data through secure protocols. This encrypts the data before the transfer takes place. The user need not do the backing up process manually as there is a feature for automated backup which allows the user to set the time at which the backup should take place.

Whenever a backup has been completed successfully, the user is notified about it. The program detects new files and files that have been modified and only these files are backed up to a remote server. The user will be able to view the sync assignments before they are executed and also allow editing them. The program also logs all the sync assignments. Batch Sync FTPS/ SFTP works with Windows versions from 93 and its successors.

InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP

Instant Sync Secure features GUI that makes it easier for the user to go through the setup and other features of the program. The program also allows backing up files up files and folders remotely via ftp sync. The program uses SSH protocol to encrypt the files before they are transferred. In case the connection between the system and the server is broken, this program tries to establish the connection. The tool works fine with Windows Vista, Server, Xp and 7.