How to Fix Acer Laptop’s Screen

The screen of your Acer laptop is the medium for you to look into your operating system, programs, applications, and documents etc. This screen sometimes goes faded, blank, black, or eerie, making you unable to use your laptop for any purpose. Considering this, we have created the below mentioned Acer laptop support guide for you. It will help you troubleshoot common display problems in your Acer laptop.


If the screen of your Acer laptop becomes dark or faded, press and hold the Fn key. Strike the right arrow key on your keyboard to increase the brightness of your Acer laptop’s display. Now strike the left arrow key to reduce the brightness. When you find that the screen looks just what you desire to, let go off the Fn key. Right-click anywhere on the Desktop and select Graphics Properties from the drop-down menu. When in Graphics Properties, click Display Settings and adjust the resolution. When done, click Apply and then OK to exit the window.

Besides that, update the display drivers of your Acer laptop. To do so, right-click anywhere on the Desktop and click to choose Personalize. Click Display Settings and then Advanced Settings. Now highlight the Intel® Graphics tab. click Monitor Properties and then click Driver. Click Update Driver and then select Search Automatically. When done, click the Install button to start installing the drivers. Follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, reboot your laptop.

If the screen (display) of your Acer laptop is totally blank and black and it seems to be dead, attempt this method. If the power adapter is plugged in to your laptop, unplug it. Grab your Acer laptop support documentation (the user manual) and a screwdriver. Overturn the laptop and start opening the battery cover. Refer to the manual to make sure that you open it properly. When done, take the battery out without damaging anything. Keep the battery in dark. Now press and hold down the Power button on your laptop for 30-60 seconds. Release the button.

Plug the power cord back in if you want to charge it and try to boot. It will boot up fine. Now shut down the laptop, put the battery back in, close the case, and turn it on again. The blackblank screen will no longer appear and you will see the normal display with all your programs. This method will also work for a battery-not-charging problem in your Acer laptop.

If there is still nothing on the display but you can hear the usual fan-running noise with LED lights on, it may indicate a problem with the memory (RAM) modules. Refer to your user manual and locate the RAM modules in your Acer laptop. Use the screwdriver to open and remove a RAM module from its slot. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean up the RAM stick (module). Or else, you can simply blow the dust off the stick. When done, reseat the RAM stick firmly into its slot. Clean all the sticks one by one to make sure that no dust particles stay on the stick. When done, close the panel and turn your laptop on. It should be able to load the display.

If the display (screen) of your Acer laptop is broken or cracked, it needs a replacement. It is because the brokercracked display is irreparable. You will need to buy a new display for your Acer laptop. If you possess little know-how about laptops, you can install the display by yourself. If you are unsure of installing the display on your own, contact Acer technical support.

Additional Info:

Owing to the consistent use, the screen of your laptop may become dull. If you spot stains, cracks, or chips that would not go away when you try to wipe out them, they indicate a failing LCD screen that may stop working any time.