For data recovery Pittsburgh relies on Secure Data Recovery Services

When it comes to effective and secure Data Recovery Pittsburgh relies on Secure Data Recovery Services. The company is the ONLY certified secure data recovery service in Pittsburgh, Pa. They offer their clients a wide range of services.

For those in need of data recovery, the Pittsburgh facility offers businesses and personal computer users in Allegheny County services that include:

Fast turnaround times. In most cases, they can have the data recovered within 2 to 5 business days. For those who need faster data recovery, the company offers emergency services. Details of this service can be found at their website.

The company supports all electronic media. While many other companies cannot make that statement, Secure Data Recovery Services can provide data recovery on desktop and laptop hard drives, RAID systems, NAS and SAN storage devices, data tapes, optical media, flash media and more.

All operating systems and file systems are supported.

In addition, the company offers free diagnostics. In this service, computer hard drives, RAID systems and other media are diagnosed within a day of arrival. There is no charge for this service, which will provide customers with the cost of recovery, turnaround time and recoverable file information. With this service, customers can make intelligent and informed decisions concerning their data recovery with no risk whatsoever.

Secure Date Recovery Services offers 24/7/365 emergency services. Their Data Recovery Pittsburgh lab is the only certified data recovery provider in the area that offers emergency services for all media. Their highly skilled engineers will work on your case 24/7 until it is complete. Emergency service is available every day of the year including holidays.

The company has been in business for over a decade and has the experience and the expertise to get the job done right the first time. They have helped dozens of corporations, hospitals, small businesses, schools and government clients with their data recovery issues.

As mentioned above, Secure Data Recovery Services has an array of certifications which prove that they are dedicated to quality service. These certifications are not easy to obtain and many other local recovery services cannot boast of such an achievement. When data recovery is crucial, it is always best to work with those who have the best background, experience, and technical know-how, which means working with Secure Data Recovery Services.

For those who would like more information, a visit to the company website will reveal detailed information on the company’s services as well as important information on their policies and procedures. Visitors can also learn more about the various certifications that the company possesses. In addition, visitors can read testimonials from past clients to learn what others think of the data recovery services offered by this company and their work ethic in general. For those who may have additional questions, the website offers contact information as well as access to phone numbers for those who wish to speak to a representative via phone.

With Secure Data Recovery Services, computer users do not have to take chances when it comes to recovering their valuable data. Let the pros handle your problem and get your files returned in a very timely manner.