Federal Debt Consolidation Services

Debt consolidation loans are offered by Debt Consolidation Services to an individual who has a substantial debt outstanding to several creditors. These services when offered by government are called Federal Debt Consolidation Services. It is a basic process by which all unpaid loans are combined into one single loan. This usually also has a lower payoff on that single loan.

Procedure of debt consolidation involves negotiating with creditors. In this case the negotiating party is the government agency and the individual needs to strike a deal with them. This negotiation lowers the interest fees and reduces the penalty charges too. Advantage of this method is that it does not involve buying another loan. It amounts to restructuring old existing loans and putting them under a single amount so that every month a single payment has to be made as an installment. There are several flexible payment plans that a person wanting to consolidate their debt could opt for.

The individual is responsible for making just one payment to the U.S. government by combining all loans into a single one. People who are successful in their application for a federal debt consolidation loan have the option to reduce the amount they need to repay each month, or increase time to repay off the debt.

A person may not be assured of better service when using the services of a non-profit organization. Not all private agencies may be able agreeable to extend such facilities for large amounts. Federal Debt Consolidation services charge lower fees, not being profit oriented in their outlook.

It is important to discuss each and every single detail before going ahead with a debt consolidation scheme. It is always advisable to choose a government debt consolidation service that works on non-profit basis. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is an organization, which registers various debt services.