Ethics in Finding Best Car Insurance Quotes and Reducing Premium Amount

Buying a car now a day’s become easy and simple, but insuring the car is most difficult and tricky task.

We can buy a car by selecting the model, test driving and car within our budget. For car insurance we can’t select the insurance quotes which our neighbors selected or with minimum premium amount. Selecting the right car insurance is the most challenging task after buying a brand new car. Many insurance agents give all types of coverage which that is not necessary for us just to increase our premium amount, so before going to insurance ask yourself what the coverage you are going to add in insurance.

1. What is your make and model of the car?
2. Do you have any security system in car?
3. Does your car have any accident or hail damage?
4. What is your finance type does it hire purchase or lease?
5. How many miles do you drive in a year?
6. How is the car used like private, business or goods carrying?
7. Where do you park your car?
8. When do you get your valid driving license?
9. Do you have any claim over four years?
10. Your No Claim discount rating?
11. Younger drivers in your family who drive the car?

If you have answers to these questions, you can easily get the quote which covers all the insurance coverage. Have a clear idea about your necessary coverage and compare car insurance quotes given from different companies with same coverage and select the best quote.

Finding the best quote is not the end, next step is to reduce your premium with all this coverage. Here are some car insurance discount tricks.

• Many insurance companies give discount for insuring more than one car. Discount range can be about 20% to 25% of the single insurance so get the insurance for two or more cars to get the discount.

• Driving your car for less distance is eligible for less use discount; for example if your distance traveled in year is 5000 miles then you are eligible for lower use discount.

• Car having special equipments like security alarms, air bags, anti lock brakes and other safety equipment then there is some discount ranging from 10% to 15% in yearly premium reduction.

• If you have any younger drivers as a secondary driver is a student and he or she is enrolled in driver education program then you have a student discount and you can save up to 10% in yearly premium when he or she is not using the car.

• Increasing your deductible makes an added advantage. For example you are claiming for $300 and your deductible is $300 then only you should pay the full amount $300 where your insurance company pays none, so increasing your deductible won’t pinch your pocket when you claim.

• If you enrolled in driver’s training program then you have driver’s training discount, for example Esurance company offers $50 yearly for taking driver’s training course monthly and if you are senior citizens this discount doubles and you can save up to 5% to 10% in yearly premium amount.

• Some governments made third party’s car insurance mandatory so include the third party’s car insurance in your insurance to get discounts. This insurance is used to cover the others who got damage in accident caused by you.

These are the simple steps to reduce your insurance premium amount with same full coverage.