Competition Vs Collaboration and Creativity at Its Best

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There is this tidbit from my favourite blogger. She compares which is better between competition and collaboration. Collaboration obviously seems more beneficial in almost any kind of situation. She ended off with a funny thought as to what would happen if both the mother and the father of a family have a competition to serve the family members. Haha, that will be a disaster…

Speaking of which, we might have noticed that people who are very highly successful in their particular field has become so not due to competition but because they love what they are doing. If I give an example of a Kollywood superstar, Kamal Hassan, who is an epitome of acting (has won 171 awards, more than any actor in film history) is best at what he does because he loves it so much and not because he wants to compete with other actors. Think about food as an example. Home cooked food is better prepared than commercial food simply because the former is done out of love and commercial food is done out of competition.

What is the best way to achieve creativity? We know that the mind has to be open first of all. Much like how the saying goes “the mind works the same way as the parachute, it can only function if its open.” To achieve the full potential of creativity, one ought not to be creative with the intention of producing something creative. Nice paradox, isn’t it? The person should explore at their own leisure and discover things along the way. That is how most inventions are born. Some people call it “by accident”. Irregardless, inventions are usually done unintentionally. They could not have happened if the inventors were concerned about the end result.

“We are more ready to try the untried when what we do is inconsequential. Hence the fact that many inventions had their birth as toys.” – Eric Hoffer

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