CNC Bender

The CNC bender can handle a wide variety of tube pipe sizes. This machine has a wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics and various tube/pipework used in ultracompact equipment to the largest machines found in plants, shipping, and nuclear power plants.

CNC Tube Bending adds a new level of speed and precision. The impact of CNC Bending increases as the complexity of the tubular part increases. CNC equipment automatically manipulates the tube in order to precisely position the various bends relative to each other. CNC Tube Bending is usually employed when a part contains more than two bends. Although it is suggested that all of the bends in a part are designed around the same bend radius, the CNC equipment has additional capabilities that allows mixing of bend radii in the same part.

Pipe bender has a wide range of optional software’s and functional accessories, having total powers from designing manufacture of hardware/controller to molding dies.

Features in particular:

· Stable accuracy with durability

The mechanism is employed in benders for bending torque transmission, whilst chain-driving mechanism is standard to those of other brands which is doomed to tension looseness as the service is provided.

Mechanism is:

DOB motion stays free from hunting, and longer accuracy performance secured.

Reduced bending head size squeezes out larger bending space for 3D bending of complicated design.

· High machining accuracy

Thanks to the employment of “double-closed ” servo driving system controlled by designed sophisticated micro computer LSI, mechanical behavior of positioning is very reliable and stable to maintain accuracy motion regardless of the level of hydraulic temperature, motion speed and backlash. Accuracy-check sequence is also implemented to monitor and apply necessary verification at every bending process all for stable quality bending.

Sturdy steel construction and precise computer controls give CNC bender the ability to create quality bends every time, even when your bending application requires complex or tight-radius bends.

The CNC Tube Benders equipment is capable of manipulating tube and pipe accurately and repeatable from small to large quantity runs.
One of the great benefits being your jobs program is kept on file in the machine so your next order is exactly the same as previously supplied.

It’s a semi- automated system to load and unload tube variants into and from the CNC bending machine.

The tubes are manually loaded into the tube carrier on the transfer chain at the load area. The transfer chain is indexed forward by the indexing cylinder sprocket until the tube is sensed in the unload position.

A pair of pneumatic rotating grippers are used to present the tube to the CNC bending machine. Upon cycle complete a second pair of grippers remove the tube and release it into a collection container.