Beat the Breakfast Blues


On a busy morning, breakfast is the last thing anybody can think off. There is usually no time to catch up with breakfast or no time is made available for breakfast. If I tell you the innumerable benefits of eating breakfast then I am sure you will beat away the breakfast blues.

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, as it breaks the night long fast, your body has been through and provides the surge of nutrients the body needs.

A lot of people miss breakfast in an effort to lose weight. Now thats a very bad idea as you are programming your body to realize that there is no fuel and the body starts hoarding up any calories ingested and this can result in weight gain. Skipping meals sets up extreme hunger patterns later in the day, resulting in excess calorie intake. As time passes during the day, the metabolism slows down. Hence metabolism is at its peak in the morning and an healthy breakfast compliments it.

Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, helps you to concentrate and perform better in school and at work and aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

Unfortunately, it is the one meal that people are most likely to miss each day because they are in a rush to get to school or work. But, breakfast can easily be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. All you need to do is wake up a little earlier and focus on what can be done to improvise your diet. Pre-preparation done on the previous night can help. It does not take alot of time to prepare a bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk and munch on a whole fruit.

People who eat breakfast have more nutritious diets than people who skip breakfast. They also have better eating habits as they are less likely to be hungry for snacks during the day.

Breakfast provides a significant proportion of the day’s total nutrient intake and offers the opportunity to eat foods fortified with nutrients such as folate, iron, B vitamins and fibre. Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can only be gained from food. So, even though your body can usually find enough energy to make it to the next meal if you have skipped breakfast, you still need to top up your vitamin and mineral levels to maintain health and vitality.

Indian Breakfasts generally lack protein and are only carbohydrate based but inclusion of adequate protien can help to peak performance. Incorporate some protien such as egg, whey protien, soya milk or nuts in your diet.

So start your day with a healthy breakfast and see the difference in your health.

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