Advantages Of Photoacoustics Technology

To choose a form of cancer treatment for a patient it is very important to know just exactly which stage the caner is in. Once a cancer has spread to the lymph nodes it is more dangerous and requires treatment to be much more aggressive; although, once it has spread there it’s also much more difficult to determine where it is in the lymph nodes. This is where the use of Photoacoustics technology would be very beneficial.
This type of technology may make it a much more sure and efficient process when looking for caner in these hidden places. The Photoacoustics, which is a laser induced type of ultrasound, may be just the thing to make it easier to pinpoint the exact location of cancer cells in the hard to find lymph nodes.
Doctors hope that with the help if this technology they can more accurately determine what stages cancer like melanoma may be in, in each particular patient. Before this type of technology it was very difficult to determine what part of the lymph nodes the cancer had spread to because examining the entire lymph node is a time consuming and difficult process.
Eliminating the need to examine the entire node and simply find where the cancer is quickly would be a huge time saver and could be the determining factor in how quickly a patient recovers. Getting to the actual treatment faster would be great for everyone involved. If the stages can be more accurately identified then the treatments can happen faster, which will be a great benefit to treating the patient and getting them to recovery faster.
This method is being studied to see how much it will benefit people with melanoma cancer and to what extent it will cut down the guess work and time involved in figuring out what stages this type of cancer is in in a particular patient. Everyone with this type of cancer should be concerned with how well this new method may work because it could save them a lot of hassle and misery in the stage determining process, and help expedite treatment.
This method is not only supposed to be quicker abut it is also said to be a simpler method as well. Studies have been done with human cancer cells placed in the lymph nodes of animals, but they must be studies in human ones before this method can be determined as safe and useful in humans. Although, when used on the animal nodes with human cancer cells it was proven quite effective.
This technology uses lasers to scan the biopsy taken and then determines which parts of the biopsied areas contain the cancer cells. It acts on cells by heating and cooling them to cause them to make sounds that can then be measured to help find out what stage the cancer is in.
This new technology is being extensively studied to see if it will be as helpful as predicted in the cancer finding and treating process. Anything that makes it faster and easier to find cancer cells and get a patient on the path to recovery is well worth exploring to the fullest extent.