Small Business Public Relations

You can connect with key audiences through strategic public relations, media placement and business communications. There are four modes of external communications:

1. Your Announcement. You have something to say, promotional, informational or a required public filing. You dictate the content, the timing and the distribution. Examples: * Press Release * By-line Article * Client Newsletter * Marketing Event 2. Getting Your Name on the Media’s To-Call List. A reporter needs to talk to experts in your field on an occasional basis. Get yourself or your sources introduced to the reporters at the business, industry trade and local publications and broadcast media. Let them know your areas of expertise. Tell them what’s on the horizon and in your crystal ball. When they call you, be available and quotable. * Media Profile * Smiling and Dialing 3. Breaking News. Someone in your industry or in your city is making news. Provide your perspective, fast. 4. Crisis Communications. Unexpectedly you, a client or someone you love is in the spotlight and under the microscope. Squash the rumor, clear the air in a way that answers questions, show control of the situation and leave no doubt that all is right with the world. Speed is ever more important, with bloggers ready to catch and report your mis-step.

We have Public Relation experts available that will help you communicate with the rest of the world. Our staff is available on a retainer or per hour basis. Contact us today to learn more!

write by Absolute Customer Solutions