4G Data Plan Benefits

Having a data plan for your cell phone is one of the most common services today with mobile devices. Data plans are mostly used by subscribers that have smartphones and these phones include brands such as Blackberry, iPhone, HTC phones and several phone models of Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung among other phone models. Having a data plan means that the subscriber will have more features on the cell phone with the most important one being the ability to access the Internet. Accessing the Internet through a cell phone means that users will be able to perform several tasks with convenience.

Some of these tasks include sending and receiving emails, browsing through the Web, chatting using several instant messenger applications and accessing social networks among other networks. Data plans are available in two different options, namely prepaid, in which users fill up the phone before use and the other one is postpaid, in which users receive monthly bills.

Today subscribers can access the Internet at high speeds and this is because of the introduction of 4G data plans that are much faster than the 3G data plans that have been on the market for quite a while.

The new 4G data plans are more reliable than 3G data plans and this is because 3G connectivity often experiences network overload. This usually happens in places where there are many people gathered, such as stadiums. The 4G data plans are also reliable because in event that 4G is not available, they always fall back to 3G, meaning the subscriber is always connected. 4G data plans are also more affordable compared to 3G plans, given that the cost of getting each plan is almost the same.

4G is also affordable, especially to those who spend several days in hotels while traveling, because they will save on the connection fees charged in most hotels.

4G also provides subscribers with more convenience, as subscribers will not have to look for available Wi-Fi hotspots to get connected. Compared to Wi-Fi, 4G is more secure given that Wi-Fi networks are mostly available for free in public places such as restaurants and coffee shops, meaning anyone in the network coverage area can gain access and see just about anything you are doing. Some people may even capture the data you are using if they have the right resources or tools. This type of security lapse is not experienced with a 4G data plan because they use encryption to ensure subscribers are protected.