Yahoo Web Hosting and the Many Benefits

A lot of the small things that customers notice come from your Web hosting service, which is why choosing a reliable hosting company like Yahoo Web Hosting is so important. Just putting up a website is not enough to find success online. There are millions of businesses that are trying to drive customers to their websites and yours needs to stand out from the rest in order to get noticed. Customers notice the design of a site, but they also notice little things like how long the site takes to load, if you have a dedicated email with your website, and how easy the site is to navigate. If you’re not using Yahoo Web Hosting yet, consider these benefits that Yahoo Web Hosting offers which other hosting services usually don’t:

Business Email – You can set up your own custom email addresses incorporating your Website address with Yahoo Web Hosting. There are different plans available but some plans offer up to 1000 different custom email addresses so that you and all your employees can get individual email addresses. Yahoo business email also has state of the art virus protection and anti spam protection so that you can feel safe opening your email. You can even use programs like Outlook to check your email.

Free Domain Name – When you sign up for Yahoo Web Hosting you can select your preferred domain name for free. Plus you get access to Yahoo’s 24 hour a day customer service, DNS management, and domain locking so that no one can steal your domain or forward your domain to another site. You can also choose from several free Website design templates.

Brand Name Recognition – Who doesn’t know the Yahoo name? Choosing a reliable, well known company like Yahoo Small Business means that you will access to the kind of support and new technology that smaller companies or cut rate companies just can’t give you. When you are setting up a business you can’t afford to skimp on your Website, so spend a little extra money on Yahoo Web Hosting and cut money from the budget somewhere else if you want to make sure that your Website is customer friendly and built for success.

Unlimited Space – Many hosting companies that seem like they are very inexpensive put up their lowest prices to lure in customers but don’t actually offer very much for that ultra low price. When it comes to your Website you want to have as much space as possible so that you can add large files, graphics, and other information to the site. Many Web hosting companies offer a tiered service plan that includes a certain amount of space for each tier and if you go over your limit your Website data could be incomplete or y will be forced to upgrade to a pricier tier. Yahoo Web Hosting offers unlimited space for your Website.

These are just a few of the benefits that you get when you sign up for Yahoo Web Hosting. As you can see, a well known company like Yahoo can offer benefits that other smaller companies just can’t match.