What Happens If You Google – Domain Registration?

If you Google, domain registration, you will be submersed into a plethora of different options. If you go in as an unknowing first-time domain-name buyer, you can have a confusing and costly experience. There are a few things you have to know when you Google – domain registration, let me tell you what cost you should pay, what upgrades to purchase and what to stay away from.

First off, stay away from the top 3 sites and the right column, this is advertising and they are paying big bucks to be there, probably the more expensive companies that will rip you off. Most of those places charge forty to seventy dollars a domain name, this is crazy, a domain should cost you about fifteen dollars when it is all said and done.

Do not buy any of the crazy upgrades unless you need them, what you do need to do is get hosting with your domain, actually do this first, so find a good host, then register your domain name as you sign up for hosting, then it is all connected and can be setup the fastest.

So do those 3 things and you will find a solid priced domain, have a fast setup by purchasing with hosting and not waste a bunch of money on nonsense upsells like email hosting, privacy, ssl, etc. You just need to find a good hosting company and when you go to sign up, it will ask if you have a current domain name or want to register a new one. Register your new domain with your new host, then your DNS will all be set correctly and you should have login information within an hour.