What are Best and Basic Features of Smart Phones 2012

2012 latest smart phones features

In print and electronic media we hear and read ads about “smart phone”. The term smart phone is tossed around all over! What is this? How many of us exactly know what smart phone is? What smartness in it and where? Let us discuss what is smart phone, the difference in-between an ordinary and smart phone?
Briefly, for sake of introduction we can say that a smart phone is a device that allows making telephone calls, but also facilitates with advanced features which shall be discussed hereunder.
To understand soul of smart phone, we must revive mind a few years back as a history lesson. Few years back, a phone was only meant for receiving and making calls (even in briefcase size) then new , with additional facility to receive and send messages along with dialing & receiving .It stayed as a device facilitating holder to stay in touched with others (Before this facility there were “Pagers”) ! Previous cells were advanced form of pagers.  In the beginning, there were cell phones and personal digital assistants (or PDAs). The PDAs, like the Palm Pilot, were used as personal, portable organizers. A PDA was able to store contact info and a to-do list, and could sync with computer.
By the passage of time, cell phones attained capability of receiving and sending messages, then added cellular phone features, while cell phones attained and equipped with more computer-like features. Such phones which are equipped and facilitated computer like facilities were introduced and marketed under title and term “smart phone.
No compact and authenticate definition is available till yet which describe and reflect smart phone exactly across the industry. We can try to explain which qualities made and introduced it as “smart phone”? :-
Generally, a smart phone is based on an operating system that allows it to run its applications. Just for information , Apple’s iPhone runs OS , Blackberry smart phones run the Black berry Os , whereas  Other devices available in market  run  on Google’s  Android Os , Hop’s Osand Microsoft’s Windows .
Almost all cell phones in the market are with certain type of software (even the most basic models these days include an address book or some sort of contact manager), but a smart phone shall have more capabilities and facilities to do much more than an ordinary phone. It can help you to create / edit Microsoft Office documents, view files etc. It latest is downloading facility. It becomes hot favorite , because of its handy volume , easy to carry and the best personal assistant.  The facilities like GPRS while driving vehicle leads you to exact destination, Still and movie camera facility stores your memories, you can catch any snap, you can edit all, play a digital music and above all  speedy web access like a computer. It also works as movie camera, even making lengthy movies.
Most of smart phones can access Web at higher speeds. It is compatible with Wi-Fi while helpful in browsing net.
Smart phone presents a Key board, which can be used conveniently as it   includes a ‘Qwerty-Keyboard “, means that the keys are laid out in the same sequence and manner as on computer keyboard.
Generally all cell phones can send and receive text messages, but smart phone set can handle and manage e-mails. A smart phone is synchronzeable with your personal or professional e-mail account. It is compatible with computer too. Some smart phones can support multiple e-mail accounts. Others include access to the popular instant messaging services.
These are just some of the features that make a smart phone smart. The technology surrounding smart phones and cell phones is constantly under evolutionary changes. All companies are in a race of technology. What constitutes a smart phone today may change by next week, next month, or next year. Stay tuned and for new!
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