Web Design Companies Favor Different Programming Languages

Most people who own a website have never thought about the code and programming that makes it work. For more help visit to: www.great-links-toyour-website.com.When you use a website you see the designed layout and use the interface but behind the scenes there is a whole lot of code that makes it run. There are many different programming languages that can make a website work and most of them communicate with each other to create a website that functions well and looks good.

Different web design companies favor different programming languages. There are different coding and programming languages used for the front-end of the website (the bit that you see), than the back-end (the bit that makes it work). Generally web design companies specialize in one or two programming languages but very rarely them all. The languages used for the front-end are pretty generic across the web design industry and you have probably heard of a few of them. The major ones are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just about every website has been designed using these front-end programming languages. The front-end code determines the structure, design, layout and navigation of the website. This code would normally refer to images placed in a folder and position them to make the website look like is all fits together. A basic website can be built using only these tools.

To add more functionality and complicated features you will need some back-end programming to make it work. The back-end programming languages are very different to their front-end counterparts, but generally they need to work together to make the design and function come together as one. The main back-end languages used are PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold fusion and .Net. These languages are used for what is called a dynamic website. Dynamic websites are normally connected to a database which stores information for the website and can be updated using a content management system (CMS). It can store all the texts, the images, for more detail go to: www.video-web-wizards.com.     Statistics, members and anything else. The database can display and cross reference any data stored – which makes it a powerful tool in building larger websites.

There are quite a few pre-built content management systems that can be downloaded for free or some more elaborate systems that can be bought for a once off fee or on a subscription basis. Some web designers choose to utilize these content management systems and specialize in re-designing and customizing the software. Other webs designers choose to build there own content management systems using their preferred web programming language. These custom built systems can be specifically tailored to the websites features where as their pre-built counterparts generally have certain guidelines to stick to.

There are many factors that contribute to a website working and functioning well. The code behind the web design needs to seamlessly fit with the back-end programming and CMS. Many websites work differently but perform those same functions. Think of all the different websites being like different car brands – All cars have a shell, paint work and get you to where you’re going but under the hood there are different technologies and parts that make them run. Some are fast, powerful and luxurious others are economical, comfortable and practical.

At Big Click Studios we pay very careful attention to the front-end html and cuss. Most of our websites have W3C validating code which means it’s perfect! Our back-end programming work is also perfect but you’ll have to take our word for it as there is no official validation that can test and read the code. At Big Click we favor PHP over all other languages, PHP is free, it’s robust and very powerful and we have used it the build our own content management system that is up there with the best of them. We combine our web design skills and our programming skills to create websites that are perfect.