Visit Malaysia

Visit Malaysia

Since the first century AD, the Malayan peninsula has become a strategic area that connects the ports of the Middle East, India and China. Besides its location, this region becomes important because of its natural resources, namely wood, tin, and spices. Today, this territory becomes Malaysia.

When you travel to Malaysia, it is no complete it if you are not visiting its shopping mall. The shopping mall is pretty much the same from any other Southeast Asian countries, but it can be a paradise for tourists who like shopping. There are plenty of places to shop in Malaysia can be visited.

There are many malls that exist in Malaysia. But of course shopping in Malaysia is not much different from shopping in other countries, but some of them are quite famous among other things: Sunway Pyramid. In these 15.5 acres of ‘pyramid’ you will be happy to shop for various products. Of course with a fairly high price for goods that is offered by many well-known branded goods. But for those who frequent shopping in other countries, you will know that the goods offered in Syria are more expensive. However, this shopping and entertainment mall is known for its high quality product.