Umbrella coverage for insuring your home

You have definitely heard the expression “umbrella policy”and maybe someone has even suggested that you get one. But why would you need such a policy if you already have homeowners insurance? Well, you surely hear numerous stories about odd and even aoutrageous lawsuits going on every now and then. And umbrella coverage is one way you can protect yourself from being involved in such a story for everyone to talk about.

What umbrella policies provide is additional coverage that goes beyond your limits in exceptional case, and the good news is that such policies apply both for homeowners and auto insurance coverage. Experts claim that it’s a good tool for covering your risks, especially connected to legal action. In many cases the liability insurance you carry with your standard policy is not enough to cover court costs and that’s exactly where you have a good use of umbrella coverage. Having such coverage will protect your main assets (car, house, other property) from being legally claimed, and that’s definitely a good way to minimize your risks.

Who will get the most benefit by using umbrella policy?

When considering getting umbrella coverage, you have to evaluate what is your chance of facing legal action and what assets should be protected against such risk. Sometimes it would be cheaper to just increase your coverage amounts than getting an umbrella policy. Increasing your deductible would also lead to lower insurance rates. But if you ultimately risk facing a court case (with those crazy multi-million verdicts) having an umbrella policy will definitely be useful.

To be more exact, having a swimming pool, trampoline, hot tub or dangerous pets with frequent guests at your house, you will definitely find a good use for umbrella coverage. But if you don’t have such risks of being sued, you can have the regular home insurance policy without any worries.

What is protected by umbrella coverage?

When you get umbrella coverage it means that you have much broader insurance protection with higher coverage amounts. Simple insurance policies provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage, however with umbrella coverage, such protection goes beyond the standard policy and will work in cases when the damage or injury is caused by your, your family members, dependents or even pets. You also get coverage in cases of:

  • Arrest by mistake
  • Imprisonment by mistake
  • Defamation
  • Privacy invasion
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Eviction
  • Wrongful entry

With some umbrella policies you will even get protection in case of facing legal action while working in charity, civic or religious organizations. You have to keep in mind that no matter how odd or stupid the case may be, you still have to pay for legal costs associated with it and that’s always a lot of money.

When umbrella coverage takes force?

Umbrella coverage takes force when the standard amount of liability coverage within your auto or home insurance runs out. The amount that exceeds your standard liability coverage is what will be covered by the umbrella policy. However, some companies will give umbrella policies only to customers who have both car and home insurance policies with them, so make sure to learn your options before considering umbrella coverage. Sometimes you may even be required to have a certain amount of liability coverage in order to apply for umbrella policy.