Top 7 Fun Places To Propose In California

One of the great things about proposing marriage is the fun you’ll have coming up with a creative place to pop the question. If you live in California or are considering a visit, here are 7 fun places you might want to consider for your marriage proposal:
1. Ferris Wheel – Santa Monica Pier
The Santa Monica Pier is a great place to pop the question. You can spend all day soaking up the sun on the beach, then, when the sun starts to set, take a ride on the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier where you can propose to a spectacular sunset, then head on over to Ocean Ave. Seafood for dinner and champagne.
2. Sunset Gondola Rides – Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach is another beautiful place to propose marriage. And, there’s no better spot to do that than on a Sunset Gondola Cruise through the canals of Huntington Harbour and Sunset Beach. They encourage you to bring the beverage of your choice, where your gondolier will be happy to uncork it and provide cups. Your gondolier can also sing for the two of you. Gondola Cruises are available 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. for two to six people. Call them at 562-592-3295 to book a gondola.
3. Top of Splash Mountain – Disneyland
What better way to ask your sweetheart to take the plunge with you than on the 5-story Splash Mountain plunge ride at Disneyland, where you can pop the question right before the 52-feet drop. Be sure to purchase the photo before you leave, so you’ll always have a picture of the moment you proposed.
4. Catalina Island
Celebrate your romance on the “island of romance,” Catalina Island, located 26 miles from the coast of Los Angeles. You can propose in any number of picturesque spots, or you can go for the fun spots like a glass-bottom boat, your own private peddle boat, on a submarine tour, while snorkeling “Lover’s Cove,” or, if you don’t mind the expensive tab, on your own private jeep tour of the island, where you can stop at any number of spots and propose.
5. Hot Air Balloon – Temecula, Del Mar and Napa
Tell her your love is reaching new heights by proposing during a hot-air balloon flight over some of the most beautiful California landscapes. Many of the popular locations include flights over Temecula, Del Mar or Napa Valley. Many locations offer sunset as well as sunrise flights, with a champagne brunch or toast upon landing. Hot Air Flyer offers in-flight champagne service while on their sunset flights over Temecula and Del Mar. Call them at 714-369-5757 for more information.
6. Helicopter Tour over Los Angeles
See the sights of Los Angeles from a helicopter which will take you on a tour of all the Los Angeles sights – skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium, Staples Center, and the Sunset Strip. Let her know she’s the real star by proposing while flying over the Hollywood Sign. You can also have the helicopter land at the Santa Monica Airport for dinner at the fabulous Typhoon Restaurant.
7. Dodger Stadium – Scoreboard Message
If the two of your are Dodgers fans, you might consider asking for her hand in marriage with a scoreboard message on the Dodger Stadium Ribbon Board behind 1st and 3rd bases during a Dodgers home game for a cost of $50.00. A Dodger Dog, beer and a proposal, what could be more perfect?
These are just a sampling of some of the creative ways and places to propose marriage in California. There are probably a million other ways and places, each as unique as you.