Tizen OS, for Galaxy Watch, may have finally hit its end of life

Samsung has been one of the top global brands when it comes to smartwatches and smartwatch sales. They’ve also been one of the first to make these devices since their inception. Tizen OS was the operating system at that time the company started in this space and has been until the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 in 2018, which ended up running Google’s Wear OS software instead.

The news comes from Reddit user Seaweed_Maximum posting screenshots of Samsung dropping support for Tizen OS smartwatches. Support will stop by the end of 2025 for all Tizen OS watches from Samsung. That includes the Active 1, Active 2, Watch 1, and Watch 3.

Moreover, there is a schedule for what is being terminated. Starting September 30th of 2024, the Galaxy Store will stop selling paid Tizen OS content such as watch faces, apps, and more. May 31st, 2025 will have the Galaxy Store stop allowing new downloads for free Tizen content, and September 30th, 2025 the “my apps” section in the Galaxy Store will stop redownloading any owned Tizen content.

Tizen OS, for Galaxy Watch, may have finally hit its end of life
New Galaxy Watches now run Wear OS

Truthfully, I’m surprised Samsung has kept Tizen OS going this long, since they have been using Wear OS for a while now. Sure, there are some people out there who are possibly still running an older Galaxy Watch. I still have the Active 2 and the Gear S3 around the house somewhere, but that doesn’t mean I intend to use them to reminisce past days or have the need to find a different watch face for the watch. Either way, Those that are still using watches running Tizen will soon have to find another smartwatch if they have not already.