Tech Support On Creating Recovery Disc

These days it is very rare to get the CD-ROM or DVD disc containing the recovery software with your new bought PC. Recovery disc is important because it helps you to reboot your computer in case of computer crash. After an event of sudden catastrophe if your computer operating system does not boot up from the hard drive, recovery software disc can be used to boot the system up.

Some manufacturers provide the recovery software to the system hard drive and if it is added you can see the option on the boot menu when you restart your computer. But if your machine don’t boot from the system hard drive it is totally useless. In such case, you will need an external recovery disc. You can always buy an external recovery boot up disc from the manufacturer but it can be costly. So, tech support guys suggest that you can create a recovery disc yourself for free.

Windows Vista or Windows 7 Recovery Disc image files can be found online.

You can search online for ‘Vista recovery disk’ you can find many links. NeoSmart is one you can trust. Actually Microsoft does not host these recovery files on their own servers and NeoSmart is a trusted source from where you can get CD that can be used for giving your computer a boot.

Tech support guys suggest you to download the image file in ISO format and then burn it to a CD. If your computer is not working then you can take the help of another computer to download and burn the image file.
For downloading the recovery disk you will have to be a user of Bittorrent.  The recovery disc is not stored all in a same place on the servers. Actually the whole image file is broken into different parts and the parts are distributed across different servers. You will need to use a program like uTorrent to find out different parts of the image files and then download them at the same time and assemble all the parts of the image file as a complete image file on your system.

After you have done with the downloading you will need to burn it into a CD, suggest the tech support experts. For burning this into a CD you will need to use a burning software that is capable of handling ISO disc images.

When you have burned it into a CD you need to insert the recovery disc into the computer drive and reboot the computer.  Now you will have to check your computer’s BIOS configuration to see whether you can boot your computer from the CD drive. If it is not configured in that way you will need to set it manually, suggest the tech support experts.  For telling the BIOS that you are going to boot your computer from the CD drive you will need to hold down the Ctrl key while you booting your computer. Doing this you can set the CD drive as the primary boot device for the computer. Now you can try to boot your computer with the recovery disc.