Stealth IBot Computer Spy

Laptop computers are not very secure due to their portability. When friends or co-workers can easily access your computer that contains important data, it can become a problem. When your computer is used by multiple people, its nearly impossible to know what files were accessed by each user. There is a probability that your data could have been copied by your friends. What if they took your confidential data? Well, there is a solution to this problem and you need not worry any longer. This is a problem you can solve with a simple device that tells whether or not your data has been stolen.

Believe it or not you can have a sophisticated device like what is shown in spy movies. BrickHouseSecurity.Com introduces you to their new device called computer spy. They usually refer to it as the Stealth iBot device. With this computer spy device, you can record what users do on your computer without them ever knowing.  They wont have a clue that you are tracing their activity on your machine.

Computer spy works when you insert Stealth iBot into the USB port. The device will trace the last 5 seconds of user activity. It even has the ability to trace the last websites visited. In short, this simple device offers good protection for your computer. It allows you to protect your personal computer when you are not around to watch it with your own eyes. It is also a good tool to keep track of your childrens online activity.  You can hold them accountable if you learn that they have visited an unapproved website.