Spring Break's Hottest Destinations 2011

You and your friends are looking for the ultimate Spring Break destination and Keys Swimwear knows just where to go. We’ve rounded up the wildest, most extravagant getaways for Spring Break 2011 — from beautiful beaches to bawdiest bars, we’ve done the work, now you just need to pick a hotel!
Year after year, Cancun is ranked one of the top party destinations in North America. Famous for its sun-drenched beaches and neon-lit bars, Cancun has been a popular spring break destination for years and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon. We recommend booking hotels well in advance for this one because it’s guaranteed to fill up fast! Cancun is perfect for anyone looking for fun with a south-of-the-border twist: good for margaritas, lazy days on the beach, and nights spent dancing in packed bars.
What to Wear: A tropical print for a tropical paradise! We recommend a floral design from Betsey Johnson, like this bandeau bikini from Keys Swimwear. The removable straps mean you can choose between two different styles — straps or bandeau. Leave the straps on for a dip in the ocean and rock the bandeau for a poolside party!
Miami — South Beach
Nothing says party like Miami Beach, especially the South Beach strip. For those planning on spending their spring break in Miami Beach, expect to pay a pretty penny. Miami Beach has a reputation for being more exclusive, but it is well worth the price — Miami Beach offers a wide selection of bars, clubs, restaurants, beaches and more. It’s the partygoer’s paradise! After all, this is the city with more tattoo parlors than libraries and more tanning salons than schools. Techno blasts from every corner of the city and late-night diners will keep you energized for the next round of fun. By day, the long stretches of beautiful sand and clear waters are perfect places to work on your tan and to recover from the previous evening’s festivities.
What to Wear: Nothing says Miami like some wild tribal or animal prints like on this stylish African-inspired Hermanny bikini. Whether you’re lounging by a 5-star pool or strutting across the boardwalk, this is guaranteed to turn heads.
South Padre Island
South Padre Island is the not-so-secret spring break getaway for college kids looking to have fun without breaking the bank. This budget beach town offers the same expanse of beaches, late night rowdiness and wild college students as its Mexican and Floridian counterparts but for way less dinero! Rent a scooter to get around and explore the island and neighboring Corpus Christi, another popular Texan vacation spot. Enjoy all the fresh seafood and authentic Tex-Mex you can get your hands on!
What to Wear: We recommend a relaxed halter top two piece, like this one from Keys Swimwear by Sofia by Vix – casual, sexy and chic. The halter top is stylish and functional, throw on a denim skirt, hop on your scooter and go explore the island!
Las Vegas
If you are looking for a high-roller experience, Vegas is the city for you! Enjoy five-star dining, world-class performances, celebrity sightings and luxurious pools in the heart of Nevada. This year, MTV is hosting their hugely popular MTV Spring Break series from the one and only Sin City! To enjoy Las Vegas on the cheap, check out student deals and spring break travel packages to save some money — after all, you’re going to need that extra cash for cocktails and casinos! Las Vegas is the ultimate desert oasis for anyone looking for round-the-clock, non-stop, 24 hour entertainment and fun.
What to Wear: You never know who you’ll see in Las Vegas; there might be cameras from MTV around any corner. Be camera-ready in a stylish, sleek and sexy bathing suit cover up from Trina Turk. Opt for striking prints and bright colors so you are sure to stand out!
Puerto Vallarta
Now that we’ve covered the wildest party cities, let’s explore the more serene side of spring break. If you’re looking for luscious beaches and vegetation, fresh fruit, hiking trails and gorgeous hidden coves, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the place for you. By day, a tropical haven, by night a festive escape. Take advantage of the happy hour specials in the afternoon and dance the night away on some of the most amazing beaches you’ll ever see.
What to Wear: For this lush getaway, we recommend a trendy, subtle floral pattern with a little Latin American flair, like this Trina Turk halter top bikini from Keys Swimwear. Pair it with espadrilles, linen shorts and some bangles to explore the little shops and boutiques in the city center.