SEO and Social Bookmarking Tips | Pros n Cons

Social bookmarking is one of the latest online business trends proved highly effective in business promotion using web. Fewer disadvantages have been observed as compare to advantages .Admittedly it is growing and becoming much more popular in visitors so, some are trying to use it as tool for their site optimization. Social bookmarking services first appeared at sites where users can register and post links to their favorite sites, similar to browser’s favorites. But very soon it appeared that this is an effective SEO method, keeping in view the popularity. Webmasters are still uncertain whether social bookmarking is an effective way to boost site targeted traffic?
seo and social bookmarking tips in backlinks

Before making any decision, one should know all pros and cones bookmarking, especially for SEO purposes. The main advantage appears as it is a free SEO method . Such sites are registered for free, and one can publish as many links as want. By bookmarking a webpage, in fact publish a one way link at a site with high PR. 

Another great advantage of social bookmarking is, once a site is bookmarked and published, means it is visible and accessible for thousands (or millions) of social bookmarking sites users. If they like your site they will also bookmark it (which means additional back link). In such a way your site may attract more visitors more traffic. Combination of back links with attraction of new visitors may do the trick and your site will receive high rankings in search engines.

Everything with advantages shall have certain disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of such tag-based websites is that there is no particular standard for the structure of the tags. Some user groups have connived together in order to manage the bookmarks for their own biased advantage ,so there is lack of a fundamental standardization in these tag-based social bookmarking websites is a limitation . Presently, Spamming found as a big problem. Another headache is that some users post the same web page several times on a bookmarking internet website, which of course is spamming.

Similarly, if none of bookmarked site visitors follow bookmarks, it will be just a waste of time as search engines usually give no credits to such back links. But one can easily handle the situation by reviewing  site making  more interesting, adding some excellent contents bearing interest of Internet users. When popularity of site is increases, visitors shall surely bookmark it .This action shall attracts search engine, in such a case search engines may give high rankings.

 Increase of traffic and number of visits to social bookmarking site, SEO is quite an interesting and effective method to boost Web site traffic does count as a definite achievement giving tremendous results. Beware; this is not a magic tool that solves all SEO problems overnight. Bookmarking , in most case, posted in public where links title and description will serve as a sales talker to anyone viewing  bookmarks. If you bookmark links with garbage description, it will fail to get targeted traffic, which can hit high bounce rate. Do bookmarking in a right way.

Although Internet business achievements are miraculous , even then it is not enough to be contended after bookmarking  site. Result shall not appear immediately unless struggle to push it on top positions for specific keywords in search engines to get traffic. Nutshell is that social bookmarking on websites  have more advantages as compared to disadvantages if cared properly.
Main benefit of social bookmarking  in your plans is , many people check their favorite social bookmarking sites almost every day. And not to mention that hundreds or thousands of individuals have active accounts on these site. In every business the focus is customer, more customers’ means success in business. Social bookmarking helps to bring you out from small pond and lure others customers.

Social bookmarking sites have evolved from just a tool that helps you store or save links of your favorite sites into a growing online community of users. Today’s bookmarking sites allows you to make friends, comment on what others have bookmarked and share interests and information with other like-minded individuals.

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