Satellite TV Brings All of the Best Cartoons

Both children and adults like cartoons, though grown ups might be a little more hesitant to admit to their fan status. Now there are cartoons for adults and kids, though the content differs quite dramatically. There are entire channels dedicated solely to cartoons, and kids networks are full of their own cartoon rich programming. Whether a child or just a kid at heart, satellite tv brings people all of their favorite cartoon action.

While there are a lot of cartoon television shows out there, some are quite notably better than others. Of the top five cartoon shows for children on television the number one position belongs to “SpongeBob SquarePants”. This show has a huge following all over the world, drawing in fans of all ages. The adventures of SpongeBob and his underwater friends keep people coming back for more, making the show the most popular program on Nickelodeon.

Kids can laugh and sing along to some of SpongeBob’s many songs and watch the delightful animation in high definition.

The second show on the list is “Dora the Explorer”. One of the best things about this show is that it incorporates learning a different language while the children are being entertained. Having a bilingual main character is an excellent idea because the little lessons and words she is teaching the child audience while she is on her adventures, plant very valuable seeds of knowledge in kids without them even being aware of the fact that they are learning. Third on the list is “Looney Tunes”. This is a classic show that has touched generations of people, making them fans for life. The clever characters and storylines make for excellent television, especially for children.

Satellite TV helps people stay up to date with Bugs Bunny and all his friends.

The fourth show on the list is “The Simpsons”. While this show is hugely popular with adults, children can relate to the antics of Bart and the general woes of going to school and having embarrassing parents. People can faithfully watch and enjoy this show from the time they are a child all the way up until their entire adulthood. The final show on the list of the top five cartoon shows for kids is “Bob the Builder”. This is a wonderful show because it really tries to teach kids about cooperation and working together to achieve something as well as overcome and hardships that might result along the way. These are useful lessons for everything from school projects to sports.