Review of Yahoo! Web Hosting

Yahoo! Web Hosting is renounced and a lot of people would like to use the services provided by Yahoo! Web Hosting. It is because it would provide a lot of good solutions to web hosting problems commonly encountered by the online business owners. Yahoo! could provide a lot of suitable plans for users to choose so users could find the plan which suits their own business most and they would not need to spend more than their budgets. The features included in these plans would range from some site-building tools to basic templates of website design and there would also be some advanced PHP scripting for service buyers. There would also be services providing MySQL databases for service buyers. Yahoo! Web Hosting could provide following packages for people to choose.

First of all, there would be the Business Starter Yahoo! Web Hosting Service plan for people to join. This service of web hosting would provide disk space of 50MG as well as data transfer of 20GB to the clients. There would also be 10 email accounts available for the service buyers personally. This is good for new online business owners to join because this covers all the basic things needed by an online business website. There would also be some basic designing tools for websites and they are very user-friendly.

Secondly, there is the standard package of Yahoo! Web Hosting services. In this plan, 100MB disk space would be provided and users could enjoy data transfer of 25GB. There would also 25 email accounts of Business Edition for the service buyers to use. Moreover, the service buyers could enjoy toll free customer support in 24/7 way. This plan is very suitable for people who want to have the best cost-effective superior business hosting.

Besides the above two plans, Yahoo! Web Hosting would also provide the professional plan for those who want to enjoy the best web hosting services. In this plan, there would be a lot of great features. For example, users could have storage capacity of 350MG and also there would be data transfer available up to 35GB. Service buyers could also enjoy Business Edition of email accounts for 35 at maximum. Despite the fact that there are so many features, the price is reasonable. And the customers could enjoy all-time customer support and get help. There are also some advanced tools of scripting such as SSL support and support of databases.

With Yahoo!, people do not need to think of downtime. It is because Yahoo! would provide the best uptime and it is something that only a few professional web hosts could do. Yahoo! Web Hosting is supported by Yahoo! Search engine so downtime is minimal. Also, since Yahoo! Is a giant in the Internet world, it would have a lot of advanced security technology to protect the data and the monitoring of the data center would be good. Therefore, the company’s data would not be stolen or lost easily. Of course, one of the most attractive points is that there would be technical support provided in 24/7 way.

However, people are still advised to search more information about web hosts before the join any plans. It is because they would need to understand clearly about the tools and programs that they need in order to find a suitable plan. If they purchase a plan with a lot of features that they would not use, they would just waste money.