RANDA Explores BYOD and the Culture of Education Technology

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Edtech innovator Frank Catalano recently discussed the impact of education technology on educators with Dr. Rod Berger. Their conversation is released on The Core of Education Podcast this week.

Frank Catalanos education technology consultancy, Intrinsic Strategy, is informed by his years of experience as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Pearson Education, where he worked the U.S. assessment and testing businesses and later with all the K-12 education businesses. Frank is looked to as a leading voice in education technology nationally, writing a regular column for GeekWire, contributing to KQEDs MindShift, and speaking at national events such as the Education Industry Associations EDVentures Conference, the Association of Educational Publishers Content in Context Conference, MITs Enterprise Forum NW, and at several other events. In 2010, he addressed the Software and Information Industry Associations Ed Tech Business Forum and Ed Tech Industry Summit, as well as Washingtons Innovation Summit, the AEPs Content in Context Conference, Ignite Seattle 11 and Gnomedex 10.

“Frank’s broad experience and perspective in edtech makes this interview fascinating – both from a broad strategic view and in terms of a tighter ‘state-of-the-industry’ snapshot,” says, host Dr. Rod Berger. In this episode, Catalano and Berger discuss:

???? The state and future of BYOD
????How tech providers can work with schools to deliver content
????Whether conditions are favorable for mobile market to have effective reach into classrooms
????How digital is now expected from all stakeholders in education
????Comparisons of cloud-based versus wireless in education settings
????Assumptions education leaders have that technology will be cheaper in the beginning.

Educators are increasingly looking to Dr. Bergers podcast, as he has explored topics of international education, PD, teacher evaluations, big data, and more. Listeners can subscribe to The Core of Education via Apples iTunes or listen directly at Dr. Bergers Core of Education blog.

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RANDA Solutions is an INC. 500 software firm based in Nashville, TN serving the education sector. RANDA acquires, manages and utilizes data providing administrators and teachers a variety of education intelligence: Student Data (student identification, student demographics, summative and formative assessments, student growth, course completion, and college readiness), Educator Data (educator identification, educator demographics, professional development/continuing education, teacher student data link, value added assessment alignment, and teacher effectiveness), and Third-party Data (community demographics, school climate, early warning data, etc.). Historical and live data reporting, along with additional customized content, is delivered via RANDA’s secure web portals and integrates seamlessly with RANDA’s cross-platform mobile applications for iPads and Android devices.