Part Dentist, Part Artist, Dr. Michael Apa is Redefining the World of Cosmetic Dentistry One Smile at a Time

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

Michael A. Apas Facial Aesthetic Design technique performed on his patients in Dubai.

With the majority of his time spent at the The Rosenthal Apa Groups New York office, Dr. Michael Apa, DDS, travels to his Dubai office, where he transforms his patients smiles utilizing his Unique F.A.D technique. The only dentist in the world practicing this concept, Dr. Apa aims to recreate smiles while simultaneously improving a patients overall facial structure and appearance and having the end result be simply undetectable.

FAD , Dr. Apas revolutionary new and unique approach in cosmetic dentistry intent on creating facial symmetry, is performed in for his patients: This is what is to be expected during appointments with Dr. Apa.

The initial appointment is a consultation and smile enhancement session where Radiographs, video examinations and computer simulations are used to analyze balance between the patients teeth and face. If Dr. Apa takes the case on at the next visit the patients teeth are shaped and fitted to the temporary veneers designed and customize by hand by Dr. Apa himself after applying his F.A.D technique. They are to be worn by the patient for just under a week while their smile is being fabricated.

The second day Patients provide feedback after experiencing their temporary trial smile, and then a set of permanent veneers are created. Master ceramist Jason Kim is called upon during the entire process to mold the veneers.

One week later, Dr. Apa removes temporary veneers and the patient receives a new, permanent smile. One or two days later, a follow-up appointment is made for finishing touches.

When Dr. Apa’s patients ask what makes someone beautiful or attractive, Dr. Apa replies, “It comes down to balance and proportion. The natural law of beauty is the Golden Proportion. The Golden Proportion is an essential component in creating your perfect smile. We don’t just fix your teeth; we develop a smile that will bring balance and symmetry to your entire face. An enhanced smile also has psychological benefits too: heightened self-confidence, improved self-esteem, general betterment.

To make an appointment at his New York or at his Dubai office, visit http://www.rosenthalapagrp.com/contact/.

Please note Dr. Apa books out for his Dubai appointments 6 to 8 weeks in advance of each trip. Please contact jackie(at)rosenthalapagrp(dot)com for more information.

About Dr. Michael Apa, DDS:

Currently a partner at The Rosenthal Group, a renowned, private aesthetic dentistry practice in New York City, Dr. Apa is pioneering a new approach in aesthetic dentistry known as Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD). This breakthrough technique is designed to not only recreate a patients smile but also to improve the overall facial structure and appearance. It is a groundbreaking new procedure that is literally changing the lives of countless patients.

Dr. Apa developed FAD after studying facial aesthetics, a field that studies how the composition of individual features determines the attractiveness of the whole. He began to scientifically assess facial asymmetries and soon determined that balance could be brought to the face (e.g. a crooked nose could look straighter, a thin upper lip could be compensated for, or a deviated chin could be minimized) simply by crafting a new smile. At the same time, Dr. Apa mastered the technique of making porcelain veneers that mimic nature, creating teeth that look subtle, natural and undetectable making his work even more remarkable.

A stylist with an extensive background in dentistry is what Dr. Apa likes to consider himself. And many of his patients would agree.”