Panasonic Lumix DMC FH20

Sleek Smart and Super Simple

The Panasonic Lumix DMC FH20 is a compact digital camera that thinks for you. It has the flexibility to capture broad landscapes with its 28mm wide-angle lens, and then enlarge any subject up to eight times with its powerful optical zoom. It is a basic point and shoot that you can take anywhere, and will cost less than $200. Do not forget to use Newegg’s promo code to save money when purchasing this camera online.

Small, sleek and perfect for taking photos at family events with large groups of people or capturing expansive architectural structures and scenes during your travels. Other enhancing features include text stamp to mark the name of your subject right on the image, and set the destination and date of travel in advance in the travel date setting. You can organize photos, create slide shows, use your iTunes library as background music, and even directly upload motion pictures to YouTube.

This smart camera is equipped with an intelligent auto mode. This setting includes an optical image stabilizer, shake detection, intelligent scene selector, motion detection, face detection, quick auto focus, and auto back light compensation. This means you will consistently have beautiful pictures. However, you still have control over the composition of your photos by touching the area you would like to focus on the large 3 inch high-resolution LCD screen. You also have unlimited consecutive shooting at 1.5 frames per second until the memory card is full.

Not only does this camera take high definition quality photo stills, it has the capability to record HD video. However the shooting options are limited, this camera is designed for the person who likes to shoot in auto mode. It has quick menus for easily selecting shooting programs such as pet, sunset, baby, night, beach, etc. and built-in memory with 40 MB. The battery life is extended due to the energy saving Venus engine, IV image processing engine, and the efficient rechargeable lithium battery. They work together giving you 300 shots on a single battery charge.


* Width: 3.9 inches
* Depth: 1.1 inches
* Height: 2.2 inches
* Weight: 4.9 oz
* Resolution: 14 megapixels
* Color: silver, black, red, pink, and blue
* Optical sensor type: CCD
* Total Pixels: 14,500,000 pixels
* Effective Sensor Resolution: 14,100.000 pixels
* Special Effects: cool, warm, sepia, vivid, natural, black and white

The overall perception of this camera is value. There is room for shooting performance and photo quality, and definitely not your first choice for shooting sporting events. However, the photos captured during grandma’s birthday party or your next vacation will be great. The reliable auto mode takes the brain work out of picture taking, and creates nice snapshots for your digital library. Just push the shutter button for a sharp clear photo, and use your Newegg promo code for even greater savings.