OEM Software – Today’s Phenomenon

Specialists in the IT sphere as well as other people are always potential clients of any software manufacturer. Engineers, accountants, architects, designers, programmers, people who start home-business and other specialists in any sphere today use a computer. But the hardware is not enough in order to work on a PC or Mac. People need software but only a minority can afford buying full versions together with necessary plugins and add-ons. Great if you work in a corporation on in a firm where “everything [software tools] is already installed”. But where is an exit from the situation when you have to buy, say, Windows XP or Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and other? Away with questions – let’s look through possible variants of solving this issue:

1) Buy any software you need directly from a manufacturer;

2) use trial versions of a brand-name company software limited in functionality;

3) try to find a similar software tool at a less famous manufacturer;

4) download pirated software from “underground” hacker-sites (illegal);

5) download cheap OEM software from manufacturers’ affiliates or third-party suppliers.

The first option requires a “fat purse” of a client. Ideally in order to operate a PC or Mac, to make presentations, write and send letters, watch films, burn data CD’s, listen to music and so on you need to spend thousands of dollars even if you limit yourself in your desires as well as the functions of your computer. A license even for your operating system costs more than 500$ . Are you able to afford this? Yes? Then go on and enjoy fully functional brand-name software, receive free periodical updates, get a discount for a later version and receive technical and software support.

Trial versions of software from the great manufacturers like Adobe, Microsoft, Corel and other are available for download free of charge. Though you get a limited functionality and a trial period of working (from 15 till 60 days from the 1st launch), you may then decide whether you really need these programs or not. Trial software is demo programs – no great difference.

The third option is also a possible variant if you say “No” to the first two. Some software tools have open sources and any firm can make their own “brand” and money by a transformation of it. Such software is cheaper than from “the giants” of software development. But the functions are few and the new versions of software come out very rare.

It’s not a secret to anyone anymore that in the Internet you can find everything… This applies even to high cost brand software – you can get it for free! together with viruses, trojans and other harmful programs. Moreover, this is illegal and be ready then to dreadful consequences.

Consider one more option – OEM software. First of all, what is “OEM software”? OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. In general it is 100% fully functional software. But it lacks manuals, promo-discs and bulk-boxes. Consider if you really need them. It may lack live support as well as registration from a manufacturer because the license for this software has “already expired of wasn’t intended for second-hand buyers”. So, you may conclude that firms that sell OEM software get it from other sources, not directly from a manufacturer. But where does it come from? Well, for instance, OEM software comes from auctions, from special resellers of older versions of software, from other users who do not need this software anymore. That is why it is so cheap. Sometimes the price for OEM software is no more than 5-10% of a nominal manufacturer’s price. And at the same time you may be sure that it is really LEGAL though you can’t register it anymore and receive updates, but for such a low sum – it is really marvelous.

Many people sometimes do not believe in legal OEM software and they have grounds for it: some web-sites that are selling software products name them OEM but in reality they are selling pirated non-working software or trial versions that you may get for free. Beware of such firms!