New Business Ideas For 2011

The latest fad online marketing is “money blogging”. It is the easiest way for successful entrepreneur to start making money with products and services of their own interest.
This trend is going to be more popular in 2011 as many new blogger who started using word press blogging have developed a sense of business in 2011 and now a new fresh team of business blogs is emerging on Internet.
The benefits of making money with blogging are awesome:
a. Blog can create new promotional ideas on a constant basis to create more sales for you
b. Blogging is more economical way of making money where business expense is lowest.
c. Google loves blogs and so it is easier to promote a blog for most traffic.
d. Once you have started a blog already to have an online presence, you have a networking group and few subscriber, it is much easier to use the same blog to make money. You will not have to spend any money to start the business. Can you find any easier way than this? No, of course that is why it is the trend of 2011.
Make your six figure with blogging. Here are some examples.
Product blog:
Create your own product and sell it from the blog that you already have. Specially new electronic products like an eBook or a software is one of the best strategy for this kind of money-making blog.
Write a best seller or get it written. It is up to you how you want to handle your business, but to make money you will have to come up with- a product that is in demand and that is easy to sell. For an eBook with your own name, you should have enough credibility to be able to sell the book. In case you are deciding to sell an eBook that has information that people need, first work on the credibility. Make yourself a person who people will accept as a business writer.
You can also sell:
1. DVD
2. A software program
3. An e-course
Service blog:
This is another way to make money with your blog, On this blog you can sell a service or few services decided by you. For example if you are making a site for children, you can add early child hood education, potty training books, and mom and tots activities, three different services from the same site by creating different pages.
This kind of site is easy to maintain and with proper traffic will create a great income for you.
Affiliate blog:
Affiliate blog is the one where you sell other peoples product from your site. You just have to add products website link at your blog along with a product review or product promotion, or your experience with the product.
Or you can create an affiliate program of your own to sell a product on your site. Creating your affiliate program is the easiest way to make money as other affiliates sell your product and you simply have to manage the program. Managing an affiliate program is very easy when you are using a soft ware for such a program
The most important factor in an affiliate program is to determine the best product that can make you the most money. This takes lots of research and focus.